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September 22, 2008

Finished Object Report

Yay! Baby has a new sweater!

September 2008 012.JPG

Specifications worth mentioning:

Yarn: Sundara Yarn Princess Pink
Pattern: Nope, didn't have one. I just cast on and cast off when I figured a sweater was in there somewhere. Yeah, the arms might've gotten a wee bit long, but I think baby won't mind. And besides, the yarn stretches a little, so maybe it'll last a little longer than I might think now.

I'm pleased with how it turned out. I'm already on to the next little sweater for baby. It's a good thing she's gonna be born in the winter because she's going to have lots of knit snugglies to keep her warm!

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September 21, 2008

Whoo hoo!

So it seems that baby is securely "in there" so to speak, and no more hanging out in bed for me! What a relief to be past that little scare! On the downside, I have been strongly advised not to travel, and I'm disappointed in that. I was going to be going to San Diego next month, but that looks out of the picture, and I'm wishing I could go, but not enough to risk having a preterm baby halfway across the country in a city where I no know one. So that's that. I'm here in the cities for the duration.

On a brighter note, I think I'm feeling a little better, pelvic pain excluded. I finished knitting the first sweater for baby, and will have pictures of that posted soon. Whoo hoo!

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September 16, 2008

Dispatch from my bed, part 1

So it seems I've been feeling a bit of pressure "down there" and decided to call the OB resident on call this weekend to see if this is normal for someone who is 5 months pregnant. I'm thinking not, especially since when I told my mother about it--I said I feel like I've been riding a horse bareback for about a thousand miles--her response was, "When do you see your doctor next?" A pretty direct response for my rather indirect, antialarmist mother.

When I called the OB on call, she was pretty reassuring. It seems I only have a few of the symptoms of preterm labor, although I also have a few of the risk factors: over 35, previous miscarriage, and an unfortunate bout of an infection early on in this pregnancy.

She recommended I "take it easy" until I can see my doctor on Wednesday. This means staying in bed as much as possible, and my sister admonished me not to vacuum. Does she know me? I wouldn't vacuum anyway! At any rate, hanging out in bed feels SO MUCH BETTER than sitting and walking. It seems like this would be a time when my mother's axiom makes sense: if it hurts when you do X, then don't do X.

She also recommended I increase my fluid intake, and this has proven to be something of a challenge. While I'm generally opposed to bottled water, I've been drinking it that way the last few days, partly just to measure how much I'm drinking. And I'm drinking a LOT, but I can tell that I still should be drinking more. I'm a little puzzled by all of this.

At any rate, I see the doctor tomorrow, and I'm hoping she says something like, "I'm sorry it hurts, but it seems that there's really nothing to be concerned with. Just go about your in a few months. End of story. See you in four weeks!" We'll see.

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September 1, 2008

It's a ...

GIRL! Whoo hoo! It's definitely a girl, according to the ultrasound! Family members are quite happy, as there tends to be more boys than girls on both sides of the family. The only person who was a little disappointed was J, who is worried that she'll like Barbies. But, he thinks a sister might pick on him a little less. We'll see about that.

If you want to see J's reaction to finding out about the baby's sex, check out his video.

I will confess: as much as I'm all for gender-neutral and all that (I let my 4 year old boy wear pink tropical fruit pants, after all), I am excited because now we're gonna get the pink and brown cherry blossom baby bed for sure! Whoo hoo!

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