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June 30, 2009

I should probably add that...

if you've been following along lately (and I'd be surprised if you are, since my posts have been infrequent and somewhat boring lately), my sweet C has been going through quite a rough patch. He's been in pretty serious pain of some kind, and we're not sure what it is. We're still not sure, but after an MRI, a bone scan, a spiral CT, and a biopsy, I'm pretty sure we know it's not cancer. I'd say that with more certainty if the radiologist who did the biopsy hadn't mentioned cancer on the day of the procedure. The referring doc has ruled it out. At any rate, whatever it is, and it's probably some kind of arthritis, is a bit of a mystery. But at least things might be looking up. Or, at least not looking down.

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June 29, 2009

There's something wrong if I'm blogging about blogging

but I do have to say this new Movable Type is nice, even if I'm still a little afraid of it.

In the meantime, I'm playing around a little and seeing how it uploads photos, so here's a silly one of baby feet and kid feet. I like how S is looking at me, even though I'm focusing on her feet. She's very aware of the camera--goofy girl! 100_1584.JPG

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June 27, 2009

A Sudden Turn of Events, Change is Hard

I was going to write an entry about my recent breastfeeding challenges (we're back to the clampdown, pullback, snap! and I have been contemplating the end of breastfeeding...but then we got baby orajel and life is good). But, I just logged in to my blog server, which just upgraded to a newer version of Movable Type, and HOLY SHIT! Things are totally different. I don't know my way around this place. I'm sure it's gonna be good, but I am feeling really OLD right now. Change, I can't take it!

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June 12, 2009

Update: Achem's Razor Applies

It seems DH's problem is NOT Cancer (the big "C" as we call it my house). To this, my mother said, "well we already KNEW that." I'm thinking, when the doctor lists the possible cause as three different types of cancer, we DON'T already know it's not cancer. But anyway, bullet dodged. Still waiting to find out what the cause of all this back pain is.

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June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary; Or, Just Another Day

Sixteen years ago, C and I got married. We were young and cute. We've been a lot of places and done a lot of things, even though I think we both wish we've been more places and done more things. Our love has gotten stronger through the years.

Lately, C has been experiencing a lot of back pain, and that's been really tough. He's crabby when he's in pain, and it's hard on J. We've finally gotten C in to see the doctors, and it turns out not to be good news. We don't really know the news yet, but barring some 11th hour surprise, I don't think we're in for very good news. This, we found out today in a letter from the doctor. I think he thinks his nurse shared the news, but she didn't.

Tomorrow we go for an MRI and a bone scan, and we'll see what we learn from those. There's still a slim possibility that the news won't be bad. But I'm bracing myself for the worst.

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