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September 16, 2009

And then we are eight

Things are improving around these parts. C admitted today that he's not sure the medicine is helping that much, but the good news is that there are other things he can try, and he has an appointment soon to try some of those things. I believe it won't be tough forever.

Baby S is growing and learning and doing things that I find hard to believe for a baby her age. She is 8 months old. Did you know 8 months old can kneel at the coffee table and play with a toy? I'm sure you did know that, but it surprises me. Eight month old babies should still like to be swaddled, in my opinion. If I ran the world, they would not be riding a bicycle with no hands (don't ask me who put her on that bicyle):


Eight months old is too young to ride a horse. At least that's what I tell Baby S, but she doesn't believe me:


Grandma said she was too small to ride the horse, but I caught Grandma putting her on the horse sometimes too. In addition to riding the horse, it seems that 8-month olds can also crawl, put legos into their mouths (no?), and say a few interesting things like Huh dah (I want that)!

Eight year olds are pretty cool too! J started school last week, but not before we had a trip to the state fair. He remembered from last year that there were cool pokemon toys at the fair, so we went in search of them. Success!


Can it get any better?

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