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June 28, 2011

Mixing it up a little

When we last met our heroine, she was wondering about her youngest child's health. It seems that not much has been resolved since then. S had an MRI, and it came back all fine. That's good--it means she doesn't have any brain damage or pockets of fluid anywhere bad, but it also means we still don't know why she walks funny and has stiff legs. We're working with a neurologist, and I think that we'll have some answers eventually, but we're in the "experimental" phase of things, and I'm trying to just "be" with the situation.

S and J baking.jpg

In other news, CJ, our exchange student for the year, has returned home. It's quite an adjustment living with a (nice) teenager and then having them suddenly depart. We all certainly miss him, but S and I miss him most, I think.

I thought that over this last year, I might write a little here and there about what it was like to have an exchange student, but I didn't really do that so much. Frankly, I think I mostly enjoyed living it, and I didn't want to stop to reflect on things, like CJ's constant badgering about my not using the metric system, or the relative difference in how students in the US and students in Germany consider grades. Honestly, cooking with a recipe that uses the metric system really has a whole different way of measuring, and that might have been interesting, but mostly it just was. It was a negotiation that didn't seem blog-worthy at the time, and maybe will be some day, but not today.

Today I'm still reflecting on the quietness of a room left vacant, and silence on one end of a conversation about politics and culture and the success of the Euro (I still maintain it won't be strong forever). I'm waiting for an equilibrium that will take a long while to settle, I suspect.

Last time, I wrote about "per aspera ad astra," an idea shared with me by a true friend who helped me see the glimmer in every tough situation. Well, friend, this is a different type of aspera, and I'm hoping we can find some stars together.

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June 2, 2011

per aspera ad astra

Sigrids new haircut.jpg

This is S.

S has been "walking funny" ever since she started walking, and it hasn't gone away. She was a late walker, and being a vigilant mama, I took her to the doctor, who referred us to an orthopedic specialist, who told us she was "structurally sound" and I was probably just worrying for nothing and she would walk soon. When she started to walk, she remained tentative, and now she walks with her left foot turned inward. She complains that her legs hurt all the time. So, back to a (new) orthopedist, who told us she was "structurally sound" and suggested a neurologist. She added not to wait, and that she would help us get an appointment.

S saw the neurologist this week, and since this all started, I've heard things mentioned like cerebral palsy, fluid pockets in the brain or spinal cord, genetic disorder. S is having an MRI next week to figure out what this all could be. Right now, none of it sounds good, but I trust her neurologist to figure it out and do the right thing.

I'm sure we'll all be better on the other side of a diagnosis and treatment, but being in the right here, right now is a challenge. There's a little too much dust, and the stars feel too far away.

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