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August 29, 2011

once more, with feeling; or, let me introduce you

to Holla', our new teenager from Holland. I can't really post a picture yet because I don't think I have one that fits my requirements of maintaining a little anonymity for him while at the same time giving you an idea of what he looks like. I'll tell you this, though--in seeing his picture, my co-worker remarked that we seem to get all the cute ones, and I think that's true indeed.

Holla' has been with us for about a week or so now, and things are settling in pretty well, I think. School started today, so now we're really off to something, and we'll see how that goes. This is our second year doing this, and last year, the school didn't have any other exchange students than CJ. So this year, Holla' has been hearing a lot about him, and that's got to be weird, especially since they don't know each other and all. This year, though, there are five exchange students at school, and that will be much nicer, I think.

At any rate, Holla' reaffirms my belief that teenagers are some of the best people around. Especially when they are mature for their age, funny, smart, clever (I forgot that the first time!) and curious. And, it probably doesn't hurt to be living with people other than your parents. At any rate, we are having a good time. So, stay tuned! I'm sure we're in for a totally awesome year!

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August 28, 2011

this one's for you!

This post is for StallaMaƫstro. If you're not StallaMaƫstro, stop reading now. If you are, you can keep reading, except that there's nothing more to say.

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