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August 22, 2008

No VP News is Good News

Obama is about to announce his choice for VP, and with all the speculation, I find myself completely unenthusiastic about most, if not all, of his potential running mates. I listen to the Sunday talk shows ramble on about this, and I've come to realize that the VP is not there to make me happy. The VP is supposed to provide some balance on the ticket, and that likely means I won't be happy at all because I am already happy with Barack Obama as a candidate (in spite of the fact that I wanted Hillary Clinton to be the nominee).

Back in '04, I was NOT at all excited about John Kerry, but I liked Edwards (sex scandal aside). Edwards got me excited about voting for the democratic nominee. So, he provided balance to the ticket. I think Obama's nominee will do the same. Back in 2000, I wasn't wild about Al Gore either, although I've warmed up to him a bit since then. And, I was completely put off by his choice of Lieberman. Here, I think it was a bad move--a centrist choosing another centrist. Not enough balance there, even though Lieberman may had some influence. It's hard to say.

I'm not sure who I would get excited about: maybe Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, or Janet Napolitano. Unlikely choices, the pundits say. Although ot perfect choices by any means, each of these speaks to some part of me and my demographic. But, I am already planning to vote for Barack Obama.

I'm totally NOT excited about Joe Biden, Evan Bigh, or Sam Nunn (who may be a longshot at best, even though he is continued to be named). But someone like these will likely be the choice. Someone completely uninspiring to me, but someone who might persuade a centrist grandmother to vote for Obama after all. I suspect plenty of people are going to be a little surprised, even disappointed, with his choice. I'm probably not the only one who'd like the VP to be a shot in the arm, a burst of energy to give us all Obama mania all over again.

I don't think that's going to happen. I think Obama's hopes are on his supporters staying energized no matter who he picks. The VP choice will be all about giving potential naysayers the chance to feel a little Obama fever. I hope it works. Because I for one am not ready to start down the long road to yet another disappointment....

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March 5, 2008

And now for something completely different

In which Minneapolismama endorses her political candidate.

I was out of town for the caucus, but back then, I was undecided. Yeah, way back in early February. The Democratic race having dragged out as it has, I have really had a chance to hear Obama and Clinton, and make my decision. Not that my decision matters--I missed caucus night (in case you didn't hear me say it the first time.


I have come to truly admire Hillary Clinton over the last several weeks. She's smart, tenacious, and willing to laugh at herself. She's come through some tough challenges all the better for it, and she knows how to change her strategy in the face of adversity. Hillary Clinton is my candidate for president!

To be fair, I'd love a Clinton-Obama ticket, and I'd even be happy with an Obama-Clinton ticket. But, I just really think that it would feel ever so good to hear, in January 2009, the words "Madam President" associated with our country.

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