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November 18, 2007

One thing I HATE about Minnesota


To be fair, I don't really hate ALL Minnesota bicyclists. In fact, I rather like the Minnesotans who bravely bicycle all year long. What I really dislike, though, are bicyclists who fail to follow the rules of the road.

I'll never forget one of my first days walking on campus, strolling happily on the sidewalk pushing J in his little stroller, when all of a sudden...WHAM! a bicyclist flew around the corner, on the sidewalk that said NO BICYCLES. If we hadn't reacted quickly, I'm sure J would've been a goner. So, let's face it, I'm biased.

I'm biased because almost every day on my walk to work, I'm lucky if I don't have a near miss with a bicyclist who is a) riding on the sidewalk, b) riding the wrong way on the street, or c)fails to stop at a pedestrian cross-walk and/or use hand signals of any kind.

I'm not riding a bicycle these days, but if I were, I would be following the rules of the road. The rules keep everyone safe.

So, last week, my dear sweet hubby was driving J to school. He stopped at the four-way stop. He looked both ways. The intersection was clear. He proceeded to turn right, and BAM! a bicyclist ran right into our van!

Yep. It's sort of amazing that it's taken five years and several near misses for something to finally happen. Fortunately the rider was ok, although the bike was not. Fortunately the police noted that the rider was a) riding on the sidewalk and b) failed to stop at the stop sign (I guess they don't apply if you're riding on the street, perhaps?).

Our van is fine. Hubby was fine, although flustered. And J was mostly miffed that his back seat video gaming got interrupted. But, I don't think the bicyclist nor a couple onlookers were too happy when hubby got out of the car, and seeing that the rider was ok, proceeded to yell, "Why didn't you follow the rules?"

A fair question. And one I want to yell often when I'm getting around in the cities.

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Category "Because knitting rocks my socks!"

Category "Signs of the Cities"

June 12, 2007

101 Entries: Time to Celebrate!

(A longish post, but well worth it to read to the end.)

I started this blog in September 2004 upon my return from spending the summer in Portland, Oregon. I LOVE Portland (I know--I'm not the only one!), and it was very hard to leave Portland that summer to come back to the Twin Cities.

We moved to the Twin Cities in August 2002. We were two new doctoral students with a 1 year old. We were making a big life transition. We were less gainfully employed. It was a stressful time, and we didn't find the Twin Cities very welcoming.

Thus, Winter in the Cities.

New Folder 2007 017.jpg

I decided to blog to record some of my impressions of this place, known for its winters, the Mall of America, and Minnesota nice. I learned to knit, in part, to have a diversion from the stress. It seems to be working.

In the last few years, things have been looking up. We're almost done with our degrees. We've got fantastic jobs. Our kid is getting ready for Chinese immersion school. All this in only 100 entries. These days, I actually kinda like Minnesota. It doesn't hurt that we have Trader Joe's, finally.

Time for a contest, I think. And, since I rarely win in random drawings, I want this to be easy. Not that I wouldn't like to have you guess what pattern I'm using to make socks for my sock pal, it's just that, well....never mind.

So here's the deal. For those of you who live in the area, what do you like about the Twin Cities? If you're not living here now, but have lived here in the past, what do you miss? If you've never been here, what do you think you might like? If you're like I was 100 entries ago, and you don't like the Twin Cities (or have never been here and the question seems too hard), what place calls out to you? What do you like about that place? (In other words, leave a relevant posting in the comments, along with your name and email address, and I'll enter you in the drawing.)

What might you win? Well, mostly some of my favorite stuff from the Cities, of course! I have a t-shirt from Crafty Planet (they're saving the world one stitch at a time) and my favorite sock pattern from the Yarnery, for starters. Of course, sock yarn! Enough to make a pair of socks, I'm including at least my favorite koigu colorway and a fabulous ball of Fleece Artist. Finally, there's some other Twin Cities kitsch, yet to be named. Wild rice, anyone?!

Non-knitters are welcome to enter the drawing (the prizes are not ALL knit related)--just let me know you're not a knitter. Let me know if you've got your heart set on the Fleece Artist, the Crafty Planet t-shirt, or if you'll be happy just to win (that's me!). When I do the drawing, I'll do my best to match the winners up to their favs, but I make no guarantees. (Hey, it IS free stuff after all!)

When will the drawing be held? Well, I'm heading out for Nashville later this week for a work-related event. I'm guessing I'm too swamped with work to do much posting between now and when I get back, so....if you're entered by midnight June 21st I'll include you in the drawing.

After all, by then it'll be summer in the cities. Let the fun begin!

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April 20, 2007

What's your favorite sight in the cities?

Someday, I really do hope to capture images of some of my favorite signs of the cities. I often find I don't have my camera with me when I come across a sign I really like. In the meantime, though, tell what your favorite TC places are. If yours isn't on the list, feel free to post it in the comments.

What is your favorite Twin Cities landmark?
The Missisippi River
The Guthrie Theater
The State Capitol Building
Hiawatha Line stop
The sculpture garden at the Walker
The Gold Medal Flour sign
Northrup Mall at the U of M
Minnehaha Falls
Crafty Planet (my personal fave)
The view inside the Metrodome when Joe Mauer's at bat (this one's for you, Doreen!) free polls

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April 16, 2005

Adios, Botero!

It seems that there is now one less sign of the cities: "Roman Warrior" the statue by Fernando Botero that has stood careful watch next to the Weismann Art Museum has now taken leave of our fair campus. Where he has gone, we do not know. Will he return? That, too, is unknown.


The Roman Warrior has gotten his fair amount of attention from my visiting family members, and I suspect my family is not alone in their admiration of the statue. I don't think that corner of the Weismann will be the same without him. Adieu, Roman Warrior! Fare thee well!

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March 2, 2005

New! Signs of the Cities

Ever since I moved to the cities, I've been taken by the charm of local signage. Sure, Portland has it's cool signs--most notably the White Stage sign that's now the Made in Oregon sign. But, the cities exude a great deal of character through signs. For some time now, I have wanted to collect images of signs around town as a way of documenting my own experiences with the cities as well as acknowledging the diversity of history and culture in the cities.

So, we begin with a somewhat boring sign, but one of some importance to me:

wulling hall Medium Web view.jpg

I promise the photo quality will improve as time goes by. I took this one somewhat impulsively, impatient to begin this project. Wulling Hall has interesting significance to me. I moved to the cities to attend the University of Minnesota, and I thought I would spend much of my time in Wulling, as it is the home of my departmental affiliation, Education Policy and Administration. However, it turns out that I, in fact, spend very little time in Wulling because I work in Appleby Hall, just down Pleasant Street from Wulling. I am much happier in Appleby than I ever would have been in Wulling. This picture intrigued me for a few other reasons--the snow, of course, but also the footsteps through the snow. Where are they going? The door is not on that side of the building. I think that sometimes, good snow is just meant to be walked through.

This is just the first sign of the cities. Check back for more signs! In the meantime, feel free to add your own thoughts on signs of the cities. What are your favorite signs around the cities? What makes them significant to you? Let me know where they are--maybe they'll show up here! Happy sign gazing!

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