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Emilena, Julie, Erin, Alyssa Group Project

Use this space as needed to work on your group project.


Hi Friends,

For the "S" questions (I got the easiest questions, thank you all), the answer migh be:

1, Who are the learners?

2, Who are the teachers?
The teachers are the native L1 speaker but have strong relationship with L2 (for example, they have close relativies in target language country and visit there often.

Do they have L1/C1 or L2/C2 Language/Culture background?
As described above, the teachers not only have native backgroung in L1/C1, but also have strong background L2/C2 .

What is the target language?

For question 3, I need to do more search online to find out what duel immersion like. I will post the result later.

For questin3: What the setting of this program?
50%English and 50%spanish. In certain days, only English, and other days, only spanish.

Are you looking at the structure of a specific school? If so, which one? I know that there are some dual-immersion schools that are not just Spanish-English (although I think those are probably the most common). So basically for question 2- the teachers must be bilingual and bicultural.


Thanks for the informaion. I will find it out.

I haven't been getting your emails. Richie has been getting them. Could you add me to the list... erinkucinski@yahoo.com.... or Erin.Kucinski@anoka.k12.mn.us