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Pei, Shannon, Sherri, Maureen Group Project

Use this space as needed to work on your group project.


Ladies, I found some information and was given some papers from an ESL teacher. The paper I got is the different models of ESL teaching. I will read more and email you my thoughts.

I am reading a book about teaching ESL now. In the book, it shows lots of interesting suggestions, ideas and activities. I will also going to interview an ESL teacher in next two weeks, so if you have some good questions that you want to ask, please forward your questions as soon as you can and I will send out the report to you after the interview.

I also interviewed an ESL teacher last week. I am trying to compile my paper and will send a copy to all of you.

I have not be able to submit comment on this side. I apologize for being late with some reasons. First I visit this non-connected side for the first 3 week and saw nothing going on. So I was keep busy webvista discussion for my other c
lasses. Oct.8th our class cancelled. Then Oct 15th I was traveled to China. In this in & out so I missed this class dicussion.

I think I can catch up if we learn something useful for our Chinese language teaching.

I read this week artical the content based instruction, I think this article is worth to read. It covered most of the padagogical concepts of K12 teaching, especially foreign language teaching. When the language teaching & learning is based on content them we can talk mata-cognitive learning, motivtion etc. what makes language funn & interesting? it is the content.Content make language class nolonger flat, make it with 3Ds, make the learner can see, smell, hear, touch and even taste. This means the language alive & authentic.
At this extent, we can talk mata-cognitive learning as learner will use their brain and hand to finish learning project.
When learner reach the expection & value, they are encouraged and motived.