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April 7, 2005

The Symposium is Starting!

Dear Symposium Participants,

Welcome to the first Humphrey Fellowship Global Symposium! We are excited for the next two days together, and we look forward to your contributions.

There have been many updates to our symposium blog in the last few days. Most notably, the Recommended Readings have been updated to include the reference works of our symposium presenters as well as the notes from their speeches as they have become available.

Here is an overview of the symposium process:

Steps for remote participation:

Step 1: Visit the symposium weblog the
symposium website

Step 2: Register as a remote symposium participant at if you haven't already. This is not required, but recommended as we can then ensure you receive all the advance reading materials for the symposium.

Step 3: Read the symposium materials. A description of StoryTech scenario planning is already available. Speaker notes will be available shortly before the symposium. The first StoryTech will be posted or emailed to you in advance.

Step 4: Post your response to the first StoryTech by 12:00noon CST (central standard time)

Step 5: Review the small group summaries and add your comments (between 5:00pm April 8 and 10:00am cst April 9)

Step 6: Post your response to the second StoryTech by 10:00am cst April 9

Step 7: Review the small group summaries and add your comments (summaries will be available by 3:00pm cst)

Step 8: Check back with the weblog after the conference to see what steps have been taken for continuing the dialogue

Very shortly, we will be posting the first StoryTech, which all participants will be completing on Friday. To familiarize yourself with the process, you may want to read "About StoryTech" and "Say "Hello" to StoryTech," which is a powerpoint presentation.

After you have completed your StoryTech, we ask you to post it on the blog along with your country and sector affiliation (please choose from the following list: education, healthcare, democracy and civic engagement, law and justice, environment and sustainable development, human rights, and finance). There will be a post established precisely for this purpose. Simply click on the "Comments" link to leave your StoryTech. If you have problems, you can also email your StoryTech to Laurene at

If you have any technical questions, please feel free to email Laurene at

Enjoy the symposium! We welcome your contributions!


Laurene Christensen and Karen Lokkesmoe
Symposium Coordinators

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