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April 8, 2005

Human Rights Group Summary

Human Rights Group Summary Friday April 8, 2005

Download the Human Rights Group Summary here.

Types of technology
Communications hardware and software
Cell phones
Computers and CDs (to substitute for books)
Online classes and discussions

Fields Represented
Access to education for women
Access to higher education
Access to information
National policy

Barriers to Implementation
Religious institutions (especially attitudes towards women)
Legal systems (hard to change)
Lack of education
Lack of financial resources
Resistance to change in standard-setting organizations (e.g. World Bank and IMF)
Difficulty of convincing governments to support and fund
Need for infrastructure
Need for Training

Overcoming of Barriers
Women as vehicle of implementation (e.g. microprojects where they rent out cell phone time)
Legal system could facilitate (if changed)
Develop national planning
Move from national to global focus for analysis distribute national reports worldwide.

Thanks to Renata Fitzpatrick for faciliating the group and for transcribing the notes.

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