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April 8, 2005

Environment and Sustainable Development Group Summary

What types of technology were employed?

Data sharing technology
Chemical engineering
Urban forestry/urban planning (road engineering/materials, sensors)
Vehicle alternatives (fuel, materials, electric, + Biotech)

Power (sun, generators, hydroponics)

Economic model advancements (rebalance with natural resource values)

Energy efficient electric artifacts

BIOTECH (General)

Precision application farming
on farm water quality monitoring
renewable energy (cold fusion, wind, etc)
intelligent transport systems
marketing innovation (social)/use of media
in-field time released chemicals

Increased efficiency + complex sustainability + balance

What fields were represented?

Enivonmental sustainability
Public Transport (urban)
Global warming (CO2)
Water Quality
Natural resources (crisis)
Air pollution (urban vehile

What barriers to implementation were encountered?

Lack of expertise/resources/political conservativism/attitudes [values]
current definitions of success
Lack of funding
Entrenched interests (economic/ political/ideological)
Assimilation of information

How were the barriers overcome?

Articulation of need for change. Resistance to change

Bringing stakeholders together + dissemination (sharing outcomes)


Developing appropriate chemical priniciples

Skyrocketing energy prices, unemployment, drop in incomin in devloped countries

Wider publich participation and development

Thanks to George Kubik for faciliating the discussion and transcribing the group summary.

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