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I am finally blogging.....halfway through my summer ;) I will try and make up for lost time. Alaska is amazing and my preceptors are even more amazing. I plan to have some more in depth entries, but I will just start with a few Alaska quirks- and there are quite a lot of them.

Let me first define "Alaska nice". You must adjust you evaluation of nice when you arrive in Alaska, and I do not mean that in a bad way at all. It is simply different. My first example of this was when I got on the plane to come to Anchorage. As I walked through the plane, I noticed that everyone in first class (at least every guy) was wearing a flannel shirt. This is a classic example of Alaska Nice. Also when considering hotels and restaurants, you must think in Alaska terms. You can go just about anywhere and do just about anything in jeans and a t-shirt. Its fabulous. There are clothes that I brought with that I will never wear because you would feel out of place if you did wear them. I should clarify though, that I do (as does everyone else at PAMC) support the business casual dress code at work ;)

I have not seen darkness since I got here. And that's a little crazy. Sure, the sun sets and it gets 'dusky' but its never DARK. That takes a little getting used to, and you feel extremely sleep deprived when you first arrive in Alaska. My parents visited in June and I think they would agree.

People in Alaska, at least in the summer are always out. Going for walks, going for bike rides, going places, doing things, in a way that I have not experienced anywhere else. Its summer and they are here to enjoy it.

People in Alaska generally don't like Sarah Palin. She has some strong supporters, but I would say a majority of the state as a whole has a very low opinion of her and the type of reputation she has brought to their state.

You do see moose. My personal moose count is perhaps at 11? or 12? There were around in the city a lot more in May. It has now gotten warmer and they move up into the hills.

Okay, must go volunteer, I will continue later!

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