Toyota documents call into question the company's integrity.

Toyota boasts of $100 million dollar savings as a result of recall negations, The New York Times said. (

According to a document released to the AP from a 2009 internal Toyota meeting in Washington, Toyota boasted of their savings as a result of a negotiation that limited a recall to equipment, reported the Pioneer Press. (

The document, titled "Wins for Toyota--Saftey Group" was turned over to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee citing millions of dollars in savings resulting in delays in safety regulation's and slowing down industry requirements, said the Pioneer Press.

There is a question in Congress over whether or not Toyota values customers safety over profits, said the Pioneer Press.

Toyota, who has had a recent history with minor recalls, recently issued its biggest recall yet due to issues of sudden acceleration and sticking pedals, the New York Times said.

Government investigators are searching to make sure that Toyota is doing everything necessary to ensure customer safety, said the New York Times.

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