Turkish government releases top military leaders after investigations.

The Turkish government released its top military leaders Thursday after questioning their involvement in an alleged military 'coup' code named "Sledgehammer", Reuters UK reported.

The military leaders have not been charged, but are still under investigation, the BBC reported.

The release of retired air force head Ibrahim Firtina, former navy chief Ozden Ornek and former deputy army chief Ergin Saygun has eased rising tensions between the secular armed forces and the Islamic-rooted AK government party, Reuters UK said.

The three leaders were among the more than 40 officers arrested Monday, of which 20 have been charged and are still in custody.

The Turkish military holds a lot of respect in Turkey. "We were shocked to see that the generals are not as untouchable as they thought they were," Mehmet Sirdik, 20, said to Reuters UK.

President Abdullah Gül assured Turkey that the coup plot will be resolved within the Turkish law, the BBC said.

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