President Obama eulogizes victims of West Virginia mine accident.

President Obama eulogized the 29 victims of the mine explosion near Upper Big Branch Mine Sunday, the Wall Street Journal said.

The President spoke to the families of the victims, along with Vice President Joe Biden, and West Virginia's two senators, the New York Times said.

The president spoke in front of a black-draped curtain full of photos of the 29 lost miners. Obama spoke to the grieving families, assuring them that the cause of the explosion would be investigated, the Times reported.

It was called a "Healing Convention," the Times said. Though the wounds of the deaths were deep and still fresh.

"These miners lived, as they died, in pursuit of the American dream," Obama said, describing the men's daily five-mile journey into the mine where they died on April 5, the Journal reported.

Obama spoke in a state that is not very supportive of his policies. Though Devon Toney, a coal-hauling train engineer, told the Journal that he was impressed with the presidents comments.

"We don't know what happened yet," Toney said. "But hopefully it won't happen again."

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