Changes in liquor laws help Minneapolis breweries

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The Star Tribune opened their story with a scene from Fulton Brewery's Minneapolis location, where the mayor and a line of people waited for the first sales of growlers direct from the brewery.

The growler sales were made possible 15 months ago, when Council Member Gary Schiff led the effort to change city ordinances so that small brewers could sell growlers themselves rather than through distributors, reported the Star Tribune.

"Drink up! You're brewing jobs," Mayor R.T. Rybak, hoisting a pint of ale, said to a crowd of more than 100 people who awaited the sale of the 64-ounce containers at Fulton Brewery.

According to the Star Tribune, the Minneapolis City Council voted 11-2 on Friday to overturn a previous restriction that prevented breweries from selling growlers within 300 feet of a place of worship. Diane Hofstede and Barbara Johnson opposed the change.

The Star Tribune also reported the City Council on Friday also voted 12-1 to loosen another liquor license restriction, allowing restaurants within 300 feet of a place of worship to gross up to 40 percent of sales from alcohol, rather than the previous 30 percent. They may not operate a bar.

This restriction change excites Rob Miller, the brewer behind Dangerous Man, who wants to open a microbrewery with a taproom near St. Cyril Church in northeast Minneapolis.

"We can live out our dream of opening a brewery in Minneapolis," Miller said.

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