Troops celebrate Thanksgiving in Iraq

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A chef cheerfully carves up a turkey for soldiers at the end of a buffet line during the camp's annual Thanksgiving meal, in a video produced by the Associated Press.

The Associated Press' video showed that the soldiers ate informally: some dressed in uniform and some in casual wear, such as their hometown's fire department T-shirts.

Turkey decorations sat on top of the rows of tables in the dining room. The room also contained large pictures of American city skylines hung on the walls, a simple touch to remind the soldiers of home.

U.S. soldiers at Camp Victory in Iraq celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday. The traditional Thanksgiving lunch was served four days early because the camp was being closed in preparation for the troops' departure, according to the Associated Press.

"It feels great to be going back home to my family," one soldier (unidentified) said. "I'm a little sad to leave Iraq, because this is my fourth year that I've spent here, but my main home is with my family."

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