Members caught in middle of Bally Fitness buyout

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Bally Total Fitness recently sold off 170 of its locations nationwide to LA Fitness, and most Minnesota sites will soon be gone, reported KARE 11.

James Iliff just spent over $150 to renew his Bally's contract, but no one seems to recognize it, reported Dave Berggren.

"When I came over here, I was hoping it would just roll over seamlessly to this," Iliff said. "But they're saying that the $160 is Bally's responsibility, and I need to go hunt them down."

The transition is a logistical nightmare that employees at LA Fitness are trying to handle the best they can, reported Berggren.

LA Fitness officials said their objective is to make this transition as easy as possible, and they will be servicing all of the membership agreements that they acquire from Bally, reported KARE 11.

"It's just not an ideal situation," said one Bally member. "But, it is what it is."

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