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Arsenic in juice: how much is too much?

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A new study came out Wednesday that said there are potentially cancer-causing levels of arsenic in store-bought apple juice, according to NBC News.

Consumer Reports tested 88 apple juice samples and found 10 percent had total arsenic levels higher than the limit the Food and Drug Administration sets for drinking water, reported Tom Costello.

"Kids have much smaller weights; much smaller bodies," said Consumer Reports Director of Safety Urvashi Rangan. "They don't need that much to reach their daily arsenic limits a day."

The FDA said it would be concerned if the arsenic levels reached 23 parts-per-billion. They are considering a new standard hat will reduce consumer's exposure to arsenic in apple juice.

According to NBC News, the results showed there were not only different levels of arsenic between brands, but also within brands, even bottle to bottle. The tested juices were produced in multiple countries, including the U.S.

Teen's Facebook sex scam

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An 18-year-old high school senior in Wisconsin is accused of using a popular social networking website for an elaborate sex scam, reported CBS News.

Authorities charged Anthony Stancl with 12 felonies, including sexual assault and possession of child pornography, after a tip to police, reported Michelle Miller.

"This is the most horrific complaint the court has ever reviewed," said Wauksha County Court Commissioner Laura Lau.

Police said Stancl set up profiles of three female students at Eisenhower High School. Posing as the girls, he allegedly sent explicit emails to at least 31 boys.

According to CBS News, more than 300 photos of Stancl's alleged male victims were found on his computer. Authorities say he used them to blackmail his victims into having sex, often on school property.

"From what I've heard there's some people I know who were victims of that," student Tyler Roberson said. "But I think it's just wrong."

Seattle Occupy protest marches on bridge, blocks traffic

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The Seattle Pi opens its story on a scene where rush hour was jammed in Seattle on Thursday evening as hundreds of Occupy Seattle and union protesters occupied University Bridge.

According to the Seattle Pi, at 4:30 p.m. there was a two-mile traffic backup in the University District, and on Capitol Hill there were backups on 10th Avenue East to Volunteer Park. Traffic overflowed to nearby bridges and created snarls around the University of Washington Medical Center.

The Seattle Pi reported that after 5:00 p.m., protesters were chanting: "The revolution has begun. Everything for everyone." Some started climbing the structure coming up from the bridge deck.

The protest on Thursday afternoon was said to be for higher education and jobs, and it was planned to coincide with other bridge occupations across the country.

Liam Wright, a 24-year-old Seattle Central Student, said the state budget crisis is actually the main holdup for education, according to Seattle Pi.

"We're saying to the world that education should be free," Wright said. "It should be run by the people and not corporations and capitalists."

Air Force base dumped soldiers' war remains in landfill

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Officials at an Air Force base mortuary responsible for handling the remains of dead American soldiers dumped the ashes in a Virginia landfill without telling the relatives of fallen heroes, according to the NY Daily News.

From 2003 to 2008, the Dover Air Force Base mortuary disposed of portions of troops' remains by cremating them and dumping the ashes in a Virginia landfill, a practice that officials have since abandoned in favor of burial at sea, reported the Washington Post.

"What happened at Dover AFB exceeds on many levels the nationwide anger that resulted from reports of mistreated wounded at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center," said Richard L. DeNoyer, the national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "You only get one chance to return our fallen warriors to their families with all the dignity and respect they deserve from a grateful nation -- and that mortuary affairs unit failed."

According to the Washington Post, the Air Force disciplined three mortuary supervisors, a colonel who was in charge and two civilians, after an 18-month investigation, but has not fired any of them.

The NY Daily News reported that Air Force officials passed the blame of the sloppy undertaking on the high number of dead bodies arriving from overseas and other factors that made it difficult to carry out proper burials.

Gari-Lynn Smith's husband died in Iraq in 2006, and portions of his remains were dumped in the landfill.

"My only peace of mind in losing my husband was that he was taken to Dover and that he was handled with dignity, love, respect and honor," Smith said. "That was completely shattered for me when I was told that he was thrown in the trash."

Georgetown defeats Savannah State 83-54

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Georgetown wins in its season opener for the first time in three years thanks to the career day of one senior who lead the Hoyas to a 83-54 victory over Savannah St. Saturday.

Henry Sims gave the most complete performance of his career, scoring 19 points for the Hoyas, surpassing his previous career high of 12 points, which also included six rebounds, five assists and three blocks, according to The Washington Times.

"I prepared a lot in the offseason," Sims said. "That's what happens when you work hard. You play hard and everything came off effort."

According to the Associated Press, Nate Lubick's eight points and five assists included the highlight of the afternoon: a no-look, behind-the-back pass along the baseline to Hollis Thompson to set up a three-point play that made it 49-31 with about 13 1/2 minutes remaining.

Savannah St. showed control of the game at one point, prompting Georgetown coach John Thompson III to call a timeout just 37 seconds into the second half.

However, the Associated Press reported, about three minutes later, it was the Tiger's coach who called a timeout after the Hoyas drained five baskets by five players, giving them a 44-29 edge, leading to the victory.

Facebook mentioned as cause for arson attack

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A Des Moines, Iowa, woman was arrested on suspicion of arson after she allegedly set an estranged friend's home on fire because of a Facebook dispute.

The early-morning fire broke out in the garage of Jim and Nikki Rasmussen, police and neighbors said, and led to the collapse of the garage roof.

"It was ablaze at 1 a.m," neighbor Dominic Formaro said. "It was just totally engulfed."

Jennifer Christine Harris, 30, of Des Moines, was arrested and charged with first-degree arson and is being held in the Polk County Jail on $100,000 bond, reported ABC News.

The Associated Press reported that Nikki Rasmussen and Harris had been the best of friends until a dispute erupted. Rasmussen says Harris said "horrible things" about Rasmussen and posted them on Facebook.

The Des Moines Register reported, however, that a police report mentions a "fake Facebook account."

Rasmussen told the Register that she and Harris' friendship dissolved when they argued while trying to plan a birthday party for Harris.

Andy Rooney dies at 92

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Andy Rooney, longtime television writer-producer and "60 Minutes" commentator, died Friday in a New York hospital following complications from surgery. He was 92.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rooney joined "60 Minutes" in 1978 and created over 1,000 of his mini-essays for the program.

The Wall Street Journal also reports Rooney was born in Albany, N.Y., on Jan. 14, 1919, where he got his start in reporting as a copyboy for the Albany Knickerbocker News in his teens.

The reported Rooney talked on "60 Minutes" about what was in the news, and his opinions occasionally got him in trouble.

"I obviously have a knack for getting on paper what a lot of people have thought and didn't realize they thought," Rooney once said. "And they say, 'Hey, yeah!' And they like that."

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