Introduce yourself

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The first assignment will be to get to know your team.... In order to work in groups, you must build a relationship with your peers; ideally it should be professional, but it's okay to have a little fun...

I will begin:

My name is Jeein Chung, and I am a public health veterinarian working for the University of Minnesota (UMN) on the USAID RESPOND project. I have studied at multiple institutions in the US. I have my DVM from Ohio State University, MPH from New York University, and BS (Psychology) from Tufts University. I am also board certified in Veterinary Preventative Medicine; I completed a residency at the UMN.

I have practiced as a companion animal clinician for 4 years in the New York City area prior to working for the UMN. I have also completed various externships with the US Department of Agriculture, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

I was born in South Korea, but grew up in New Jersey. For the duration of my current position, I will be moving to Thailand with my wife, my daughter, and my soon to be born son.

Sawadee kap!

I would like to open the discussion board to hear your thoughts.