Zeta Inhibitory Peptide

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I was watching a clip on the discovery channel and was interested in learning about the drug, zeta inhibitory peptide and its relation to memory. A medical center in New York performed a study where they put lab rats in a chamber. Whenever the rats ran into a certain are in the electric chamber, they received a shock. Due to negative feedback they learned to stay away from this area. Then the researchers injected zeta inhibitory peptide (ZIP) directly into the rats brains. The effect of this drug made the rats forget what they learned which resulted in them running into the shock zone all over again. These results are important in demonstrating how memory works. This research helped to demonstrate what the molecular mechanism for storing information. The protein responsible is protein kinase m zeta. This protein can interact chemically to activate other proteins similar to it and form clusters. ZIP breaks these clusters of kinase m zeta which causes them to go away from the synapses which are clustered to store information. This is specifically targeting long-term memory but there is no specificity to which memories. This research is applicable to humans because people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder suffer from painful memories. By understanding how memories are formed, researchers will be able to produce different types of therapies to influence those mechanisms.

Video: http://curiosity.discovery.com/question/how-ongoing-stress-affect-memory

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