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March 25, 2007

A Triple Homicide in St. Paul

The Star Tribune reports that masked men broke into a St. Paul home and wouldn't accept the $4 and a T.V. set offered to them by the victim. Brittany Kekadakis, 15, was shot to death by the masked men who broke into the house she lived in with her mother, her mother's boyfriend, and 2 younger siblings. Maria McLay, 32 and an unnamed 31-year-old man were also killed Friday morning. Each of the were shot in the head.

The Pioneer Press's article on the triple homicide says that the lats triple homicide in St. Paul, which happend in 1992, was never solved. Police are still looking for answers and urge anyone who knows anything about Friday's killings to contact them.

Minnesotan Wins Grease Roll

The Pioneer Press reports that the 21-year-old Twin Cities native Laura Osnes won the starring roll of Sandy for New York's broadway production of Grease. She won this by entering a competition on an NBC reality television show. Rehearsals are set to begin in June.

The Star Tribune reports that Osnes graduated from Eagan High School in 2003, and she was Dorothy in the Childrens Theater's production of The Wizard of Oz. It also reports that Osnes played Sandy in the Chanhassen Dinner Theater's production of Grease last summer. Osnes may be the youngest to achieve such a high powered roll in a Broadway production, the Star Tribune reports.

PS3 Released in Europe

Xinhua, a Chinese online newspaper, reports that Sony's PlayStation 3 was released at midnight Friday in Europe. The article also says that the PlayStation 3 made its debut at Berlin, Germany's Sony Centre where the tenant is Sony's European corporate headquarters.
In Germany, the PlayStation 3 made its debut at Berlin's Sony Centre, a downtown commercial building complex where the principal tenant is Sony Europe's corporate headquarters. A Sony spokesperson says that there were 700 invitees and 2,500 fans that showed up to the release. This use of numbers seems to be very exact, which makes me wonder just how precise the calculations are. I cannot decide if he actually counted the people (highly unlikely of him to count 2,500 people) or if it was an estimation. He was quoted directly saying that many people showed up, and never mentioned "nearly" or "over."

El33tonline reports that some of the PlayStation releases in Europe were cancelled because police were concerned about security safety. Sony apparently provided free taxi rides for everyone who stood in line to pick up the new PlayStation.

Tiger Wins Again

ESPN reporter Bob Harig says that "nobody would dare argue that Tiger Woods is not the best golfer of this generation, perhaps on his way to being the best ever." Tiger won his 77th game Sunday and is now on his way to the CA Championship at Doral, which is a World Golf Championship event, ESPN reports.

The Irish Examiner reports that Woods has won 14 of the 26 World Golf Champtionship games he has played.

However, ESPN reports that Woods' win on Sunday was his 13th victory out of the 24 World Golf Championships he's played. It seems as though someone has misinformed its readers!

Anna Nicole Smith's Autopsy

The results of the autopsy of the late Anna Nicole Smith will be released Monday, reports the International Herald Tribune. Nearly six weeks after Smith's death, the cause of her death will finally be released. The Herald Tribune also reports that the results were supposed to be released weeks ago but there was a big delay because the doctors recieved additional evidence from the police.

The Washington Post says that the extra information given by the police will not be disclosed. It also reports that prescription drugs, not illegal drugs were found in Smith's hotel room after her death. Because her 20-year-old son, Daniel, died just five months earlier, there is speculation of criminal activity, the Washington Post also says.

March 4, 2007

Homeless Man Gets 10 Years in Prison

The Pioneer Press reports that
a homeless man admitted molesting a 12-year-old autistic boy in St. Paul on a park bench. The man was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

The article continues to say that Charles John Sathers, 59, pleaded guilty to his charges, which were first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The Star Tribune reports that the young boy was in the park while his father worked, and told the police that Sathers made him do it.

The Pioneer Press also reports police saying that Sathers made no attempt to hide what was happening.

The boy, who is now 13, is going to counceling to cope with the traumatic incident, the Pioneer Press said.

Burried in Duluth

The Star Tribune reports that winds of over 60 mph drove plows off the city streets, whipping nearly 20 inches of snow into the 15 foot drifts seen all over Duluth. The article goes on to say that many people have been stuck in their homes because the snow has trapped them in.

The Pioneer Press reports that
residents on Park Point, the several-mile strip of land on Lake Superior , were stranded until Friday evening when authorities reopened the bridge connecting Park Point to Duluth.

The Star Tribune reports that when the University of Minnesota campus closed entirely on Thursday due to snow conditions, it was the first time since 1991. The article also says that the weather caused fewer than 100 cancelled flights on Friday at the Minneapolis airport, and around 450 cancellations on Thursday.

March 3, 2007

Fatal Bus Crash in Georgia

Naples News reports that a bus crash killed four Ohio college baseball players, the bus driver, and his wife Friday.

The small Ohio college's baseball players were headed to Florida when the accident happened in Atlanta, the report continues. The bus tumbled over the interstate overpass and slammed into the pavement.

ABC News reports one of the surviving members of Bluffton University's account of the accident. He said he saw the road coming toward him. It continues to report that 29 were injured.

Naples News report says that the accident caused seven miles of Southbound I-75 to close for over five hours, causing many traffic jams.

The names of those who were killed have not yet been released.

A Lunar Eclipse!

The International Herald Tribune reports that tonight (Saturday) will be the first total eclipse of the moon in three years. The report explains that the moon will turn shades of amber and crimson as it passes behind the Earth's shadow.

People in Europe, Africa and the Middle East will have the best view, however, it can be seen from the Americas too, The Canadian Press reports.

An interesting fact reported by the International Herald Tribune: While eastern Australia, Alaska and New Zealand will miss Saturday's show, they will have front row seats to the next total lunar eclipse, on Aug. 28. It also reports that the total lunar eclipse will last for about an hour.

Tourists Found in Ethiopia

The Australian reports that Ethiopia has accused Eritrean forces of kidnapping five Britons and 13 Ethiopians and taking them to a military camp in neighbouring Eritrea.

Five tourists among the group went missing Thursday, the report continues, and were taken to a province near Eritrea. The tourists were taken in the middle of the night as they were sleeping.

There was a separate group of seven French tourists that also went missing on Thursday, The Australian reports.

BBC NEWS says that the group of embassy officials and their relatives (the French tourists) went missing in the north of the country, near the Eritrean border, and there has been no contact with the group for more than two days.

Both reports state that tourists in Ethiopia are being advised to travel with an armed guard now.