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PS3 Released in Europe

Xinhua, a Chinese online newspaper, reports that Sony's PlayStation 3 was released at midnight Friday in Europe. The article also says that the PlayStation 3 made its debut at Berlin, Germany's Sony Centre where the tenant is Sony's European corporate headquarters.
In Germany, the PlayStation 3 made its debut at Berlin's Sony Centre, a downtown commercial building complex where the principal tenant is Sony Europe's corporate headquarters. A Sony spokesperson says that there were 700 invitees and 2,500 fans that showed up to the release. This use of numbers seems to be very exact, which makes me wonder just how precise the calculations are. I cannot decide if he actually counted the people (highly unlikely of him to count 2,500 people) or if it was an estimation. He was quoted directly saying that many people showed up, and never mentioned "nearly" or "over."

El33tonline reports that some of the PlayStation releases in Europe were cancelled because police were concerned about security safety. Sony apparently provided free taxi rides for everyone who stood in line to pick up the new PlayStation.