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Abortion Ban Upoholded

The Salinas Californian reports that justices upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban by a 5-4 vote on Wednesday. Womens activists, as the article explains, are upset that the government has a right to dictate women's right to choose, rather than their doctors.

On another side of the spectrum, others (pro-life activists) are celebrating the "huge victory" of the ban because it protects womens' health and sustains the the "sanctity of human life," as the article quotes.


The Boston Globe reports that the U.S. Supreme Court removed the the "partial-birth abortion" procedure from the list of options women and their doctors can choose from when faced with pregnancy issues.

The article explains that by making this decision, the Supreme Court is limiting the judgment to be made by the doctors for the well-being of their patients. Clearly the author of this article is pro-choice because it also states that passing a law like this will make women turn to illegal abortions and dancerous procedures.