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This is Depressing

As I'm looking through the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press sites to find another story to write about, all I find is "man murdered in his yard;" "baby attacked by pit bull;" "boy shot to death on bus;" "car accident kills 45-year-old woman..."

After enduring a week of non-stop news coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre, the last thing I want to write about or read about is anoter fatal, depressing story. So, because I couldn't find any happy story happening in the local metro area, I decided to write about my own opinion:

It is obvious that tragic stories catch people's attention and have an impact, and beause these are all local stories, they have a proximity element to them. It just bothers me that as I'm trying to do an assignment and find one story, ONE, that doesn't deal with fatality, I am unsucessful. There are many great things going on around here, like Spring and the end of school (!!!!!!!) so why doesn't anybody write about that?!!

Anyway... that's all I have to say. I didn't feel like writing about another sad story so I thought I'd make a small story of my own. :D