February 7, 2006

When is a good time for training faculty??

One looming question as a trainer of technology on our campus, is when is the best time of day to host training sessions? I have tried during the lunch hours, after the workdays, and also during breaks. But there always seems to be a conflict for the majority of faculty.

My Daily Rambling of Education Technology

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my 'Tek Talk' area where I would like to discuss the role of technology in Education at the University of Minnesota. My name is Mike and I am a media producer/designer/for educational and marketing purposes for the Morris Campus. I'm currently seeking my masters in Educational Technology through the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

My rambling for today is: of all of the technology available as eduacators and students, which technology have you found to be the most useful in your learning? We have so much technology at our grasp, but to use it successfully is the major question. At our campus, we have many good tools, but I would like to hear of success stories (or unsuccessfuly stories) on using technology inside the classroom.