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On April 8: Exploring Integrative Leadership Traits in the Military

By Azra Thakur

Chip Laingen, a 2010-2011 CIL Executive Leadership Fellow, will present some of the highlights from his paper, "Exploring Integrative Leadership Traits in the U.S. Military Officer Corps" on Friday, April 8 from 12-1:30 in 1-142 Carlson School of Management (follow this link to register for the event by April 7th).

Chip Laingen.jpg

In his paper, Chip provides examples to illustrate some of the leadership attributes he witnesses and identifies the following four categories under which integrative leadership traits fall:

1. Integrative thinking and behavior of military officers
2. Military officers and the teams they lead and serve
3. The military as a cultural milieu that fosters integrative leadership traits
4. Expectations for military officers from the broader public

In the conclusion of his paper, Chip says:

Leadership is influence. Even in the rigid context of the military the most effective leaders know that real success is more the result of influence than orders. Officers who have served in the military, particularly for long careers, tend to exhibit traits of leadership that are highly integrative, making them effective in a variety of challenging situations.

As I looked over Chip's paper I found myself wondering when, during Chip's career in the military, did he start to recognize some of the integrative leadership traits mentioned in the paper and how has his understanding of integrative leadership traits in the military evolved over time? I look forward to hearing Chip's insight at his presentation next week!

I profiled Chip, along with the other Executive Leadership Fellows, for the CIL's website earlier this year. You can read about my conversation with Chip here.

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