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Business, Law, and Policy Students Reflect on Integrative Leadership

Common Grounds Logo.jpgCommon Grounds is off to an exciting start for the year. Common Grounds is a thirty-student collaboration between three graduate schools at the University of Minnesota -- the Law School, Carlson School of Management and Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Working with a client from outside the University, we engage in complex problems with an interdisciplinary approach. As a student-run initiative, Common Grounds is not an official student initiative of CIL, but we're very happy to have the Center's support and advice in our work.

As a member of the Common Grounds Steering Committee this year, I had the opportunity to read through application after application from graduate students across the 3 schools. Each one was full of insightful reflections on integrative leadership and amazing examples of interdisciplinary work in which they've been involved. In my dual role as a CIL Research Assistant, it struck me that these applications have value to the work of CIL in getting the word out about what integrative leadership is and its value to the world right now. These applicants really got that and expressed it so well. I thought one quick way to share what came out of these applications was through Wordle. So here you have it: a visual representation of the thoughts of this year's Common Grounds team:


We're happy to say that our project partner this year will be the Bush Foundation. We're working with their team to explore cutting-edge innovations in social financing. We'll be back to talk about Common Grounds here on Time to Lead, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to either leave them in the Comments or contact us at info@commongrounds.org.

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    Your project is promising. I have spent 30 years in state govt as an elected or appointed official and now I am trying to transfer this knowledge to a class I teach at Iowa State Univ. on Business, Govt. and Society. I appreciate your multi-discipline approach which also appears to have healthy doses of both idealism and reality. I can share my syllabus if you are interested.

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