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This Friday: Creative Placemaking and Arts-based Revitalization

For the past few decades, and certainly during the current economic lull, cities and towns have fought tooth and nail to incentivize businesses to relocate to their communities, and to spur economic growth through investments in physical infrastructure. While these methods can retain jobs and citizens in the short term, they do little to change how 'livable' the community is overall or create a unique sense of place which citizens can call home.

Ann Markusen will share on Friday the collective tales of 50 art-based revitalization projects from across the nation. These initiatives can affect entire communities by providing jobs, encouraging creative industry clusters, nurturing local economies, and stabilizing neighborhoods; however, they also require collective leadership and community engagement to initiate and execute effectively.

Professor Markusen will share potential areas of challenge which necessitate collaborative leadership to bring art-based revitalization to a community, as well as key examples of creative placemaking in communities.

RSVP here to join this forum on Friday April 27th from 11:30am-1pm. Attendance is free, and lunch is provided.

You can also read the 2010 white paper in its entirety here.

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