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UMN breaks ground with approval of country's first academic minor in integrative leadership

We're excited to share some big news here on Time to Lead! The following information was shared in a press release earlier today:

The University of Minnesota's Board of Regents voted to approve a new academic minor in "integrative leadership," designed to train future leaders to bridge institutional, geographical and national boundaries to address social, economic and political challenges. The new program will align with the work of the Center for Integrative Leadership, a joint venture between the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Carlson School of Management, College of Education and Human Development, and the School of Public Health.

According to Eric Schwartz, Dean of the Humphrey School:

"America's most compelling social and economic problems - the persistent education achievement gap, homelessness, trafficking in persons, and many others - cry out for solutions that combine the best of what governments, activists, the corporate community and scholars can achieve when they work closely with one another. This new minor sets its sights squarely on dramatically enhancing the capacity for such collaboration."

Classes will offer training in leadership theory and civic engagement, and conclude with a seminar to stimulate students to apply their knowledge by developing ideas to resolve real-world case studies.

"This presents a terrific opportunity for graduate students across the University to learn about leadership together," says Laura Bloomberg, executive director of the Center for Integrative Leadership. "We will never be able to solve our biggest societal challenges by working in silos. The future will require leaders who understand the need to work across disciplines and boundaries to craft solutions. This program has the potential to change the way we prepare those future leaders here at the University of Minnesota."

This groundbreaking approval is the culmination of many years of planning and negotiating on the part of faculty from several colleges. We're extremely grateful for all who are a part of this interdisciplinary effort and look forward to rolling it out this fall!

Visit the minor website at: http://www.cehd.umn.edu/olpd/grad-programs/ILM

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