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Unpacking the Concept of Public Value

What does it mean to create public value in a multi-sector, shared-power, no-one-wholly-in charge world? CIL has been on a year-long exploration of this question, looking to uncover:

  • What are the building blocks - the sectors, institutions, and processes - on which the creation of public value depends?

  • What does this mean for our understanding of cross-sector, multi-disciplinary leadership?

In late 2011, 17 scholars were commissioned to draft foundational papers exploring the creation of public value within specific sectors, institutions, or processes as a way to launch our exploration of value creation across sectors. In May, 2012, the foundation paper authors gathered in Minnesota for two days of paper review and discussion around the public sphere, public values, and the creation of public value. Cartoonist David Gillette was there to distill the theoretical and complex into apples and trees - metaphors that can bring us all into the conversation. Here are his cartoons:

From September 20 - 22nd CIL will be hosting a public conference for students, academics, and practitioners interested in how we create public value across sectors. Early registration for the conference ends next Monday, August 20th, so if you'd like to be a part of this important conversation, register today!

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