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CLA 2015 interim report receives media coverage

The most recent interim report (of April 23, 2010) from the CLA 2015 Committee has received media coverage from the following:

Reaction to CLA 2015 Report from Dean Tom Fisher

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College of Design Dean Tom Fisher commented on the CLA 2015 report of 4/23/10 in a blog post on Monday.

He writes, "Strategic planning can benefit from benchmarking ourselves against peers. Other colleges at the University represent one such peer group, and as you will see from the blue-ribbon-committee report just released by the College of Liberal Arts, we share many of the same challenges as CLA, such as how to do more with less and how to enhance quality without substantially more resources."

Also, Design's issues "are not easy to address or to answer, but if the CLA report offers any consolation, we will have plenty of company in doing so."
Dear CLA faculty, staff and graduate students:

I am pleased to share with you the interim report (PDF) of the college's 2015 Planning Committee.

This is an interim report that reflects the committee's work-to-date on its charge to develop recommendations for building the academic distinction of the college, as well as improving, narrowing and refining the college's academic mission. This is difficult work, and I am grateful for the creativity and dedication of the committee members and the many colleagues who have commented on the planning process. 

Under the leadership of Chris Uggen, Professor and Chair of Sociology, and Gary Oehlert, Professor of Statistics and Associate Dean for Planning, the committee has fashioned an interim report that imagines a distinctive and strong college for the future, that is bold in its commitment to excellence, and that acknowledges the serious fiscal constraints within which we will need to operate.  The sea change in higher education across the nation and here in Minnesota necessitates that we will be smaller and more focused, and the report establishes a principled foundation for the specific recommendations that will follow.

I will meet with the committee on May 3 to respond to this report and to provide direction and focus for the next phase of its work.  In order to advance the academic distinction of the college, we need to limit the scope of our undergraduate and graduate programs, consolidate resources around specific strengths or areas of emerging distinctiveness, and allow for the creative reimagination of curricula and degree programs.  We need to ensure that the way in which our units are organized will strengthen our work, support faculty, and serve students well. We also need to let go of structures, both academic and administrative, that impede our success.  

Your comments and questions are welcome. Please attend an open town hall meeting regarding this interim report on Tuesday, April 27 from 10:00 - 11:30 in Influx Room, Regis Center for Art. You are also welcome to email or the committee co-chairs directly,, or with your feedback.

Best wishes,
James A. Parente, Jr.

CLA 2015's worked noted in Minnesota Daily

In an article on the University's larger financial challenges, the work of the CLA 2015 committee was highlighted in the April 6 issue of the Minnesota Daily. Read the full article.