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Everyday French

By Andi McDaniel

Mark Ostrem

Still fascinated

By Andi McDaniel

Janis Pallister

The Conservationist

By Danny LaChance

Education Without Exceptions

By Andi McDaniel

Obioma Nnaemeka Brings Her Mother's Dream to Life

By Rachel Levitt

Nota Bene

Looking for something to read or watch relating to France, French-speaking countries, or Italy? Note well this cultural cornucopia, recommended by department faculty and staff.

Nota Bene

Looking for something to read or watch relating to France, French-speaking countries, or Italy? Note well this cultural cornucopia, recommended by department faculty and staff.

The Life of Language

Poetry for a new generation

By Andi McDaniel

Christophe Wall-Romana and the new study of “cinepoetry”

French in the wider world

By Sheila M. Eldred

The emergence of Francophone studies

Thinking Outside the Pyramid

By Danny LaChance

For Juliette Cherbuliez, absolute power isn’t so absolute

Poetic Justice

A Q&A With Ron Akehurst

Imagining terror

By Andi McDaniel

A summer conference explored the meaning of terrorism

Jack Be Nimble

By Linda Shapiro

Balancing Act

By Kermit Pattison

By Kermit Pattison

Laughing & Learning

By Kermit Pattison

The Hidden History of Words

By Kermit Pattison

State of the (Language) Arts

Portrait: Beth KautzWith the aid of technological advances and expanding resources, language study at the University is advancing by leaps and megabytes. Continue Reading…

Berlin and the Perimeters of Jewish Geography

By Leslie Morris

Found Footage

By Scott Vignos
Professors of German, Chinese, and art meet at a coffee shop to discuss South African cinema of the early 1900s.

Mr. Holland’s Opus

To become one of the forefathers of modern career counsleling, John Holland first had to become a revolutionary.

Legacy Set Point

David Lykken set the standards for students and for his prefession

'Anything that Came Down the Pike'

Lowell Hellervik uses his psychology degree to build a global company and give back to the Unversity

Thinking About Thinking

Grad student Sara Kvidera goes where few have gone before

It’s in the Genes?

Siri Scott follows parents’ path into new territory

Beyond the Classroom

Bassim Birkland mixes theory and practice

Measure for Measure

Paul Sackett seeks fair and effective performance predictors

Working on Leisure

Jo-Ida Hansen applies vocational psychology to our free time

Portraits of Personality

Jim Butcher's journey has taken him from poverty to personality, painting, and PowerPoint

Helping Hands

Mark Snyder, McKnight residential Chair in Psychology, directs the center for the study of the individual and society.

Trauma Revisited

Minnesota psychologist grapple with the challenges of post-traumatic stress

Looking Inside the Black Box

Tim Brady, Kermit Pattison, and Danny Lachance contributed to this story. Angus MacDonald explores the mystery of schizophrenia

Leading Leaders

Joyce Bono and colleagues explain what makes for effective leadership

Letter from The Chair

By Gordon E. Legge

Making a Difference

By Lisa Thiegs

Rebecca Blank's undergraduate degree in economics from the U of M launched a career dedicated to social change

Cultural Crossings

By Lisa Thiegs

From Minneapolis to Mexico, father and son Don and Kurt Winkelmann have used their U of M economics education to gain global perspective

Sense and Sensibility

By Elizabeth Hillberg

Amy Bratkovich marries her passion for jewelry design with her background in economics

Putting Their Heads Together

By Elizabeth Hillberg

Working in collaboration has paid off for graduate students Ananth Ramanarayanan and Costas Arkolakis, whose ongoing research has already received accolades.

Treasure Hunt

By Douglas Clement

Tom Holmes unearths the hidden gems in his economic research

Intelligent Designer

By Douglas Clement

Leonid Hurwicz knows how to achieve desired objectives in economics and in life

A Golden History

By Douglas Clement

Since its inception, the University's Economics Department has been home to experts and ideas that have garnered international recognition.

Leaving a Legacy

Letter from the Chair

By Narayana Kocherlakota

A Wealth of Nations

By Douglas Clement

Professor Timothy Kehoe weighs in on economic theory and practice.

Gifts of Knowledge

By Chrisitne Cumming

The Science of Acorns

Littermans talk about the science and serendipity of succeeding, living well, and giving back.

A New Economist

By Elizabeth Hilberg

Levin Learns Life Lessons from his U of M Economics Major.

Standing on Shoulders

By Douglas Clement

Alice Schoonbroodt has "everything but regret" after entering the U's graduate program.

What did Ed Prescott do to win the Nobel Prize?

Ed Prescott, now at Arizona State but a professor in Minnesota's Department of Economics from 1980 to 2003, was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize in economics together with Finn E. Kydland, Ed's student at Carnegie Mellon in the 1970s. The prize was awarded "for their contributions to dynamic macroeconomics: the time consistency of economic policy and the driving forces behind business cycles."

Ties that Bind

By Douglas Clement

Looser fiscal limits in Europe could create a severe trial for its central bank, according to V.V. Chari and Pat Kehoe.

Greater than the Sum

By Douglas Clement

The Minneapolis Fed and the
University of Minnesota: A partnership

This is precisely how government, business, and education ought to work together.

Letter from the Chair

By Ed Foster


The American Sociological Association’s Context magazine has a new home at the University of Minnesota

Bearing Witness

By Vicky Brockman

A tribute to genocide scholar and alumnus Eric Markusen

Minnesota Kid Catches Potomac Fever

By Helen West

Deanna Freer Peterson (’64, sociology) takes her dreams from rural Minnesota to Washington, D.C. — by way of the University of Minnesota and Harlem

Webbing and Bone

By Time Brady

Undergrad Molly Watters tastes the pleasures of life as a student leader at the U.
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Work Matters

By Tim Brady

Jeremy Staff’s research ex amines tee n work, school, and finding balance

Cops, Judges, Oodles of Lawyers

By Tim Brady

Professor Joel Samaha’s award-winning scholarship and teaching have made him a guiding force in the future of criminal justice

Rethinking Teen Sex

By Tim Brady

A new study by assistant professor Ann Meier has made waves with its fresh look at adolescent sexuality

Exits and Entries

By Tim Brady

A new, large-scale project in the Department of Sociology looks at how young adults fare once they leave an institutional setting

Letter from the Chair

Celebrating Civic Engagement

Alumni Awards

Sealing the Deal

Litterman fellowship gives Ariel Zetylin-Jones a solid foothold for research and teaching

Investment Rule

By Mary Shafer

Doug Gorence turns conventional wisdom upside down

Finding Connections

By Thomas Lee

Undergraduate Elizabeth Dobis works and chills out at the crossroads of math, economic theory, and human behavior

Polygyny and the Global Economy

By Kate Tyler

Working at the intersection of economic and cultural practice in sub-Saharan Africa, Michele Tertilt discovers that investing in multiple wives is bad for economies

A Capital Investment

Portrait: Art RolnickBy Thomas Lee

What exactly is the public good? Art Rolnick has spent a career using economics to answer that question Continue reading…

Beyond Reason: How we really make decisions

By Edward Foster

When our decisions are irrational, neuroeconomist Al do Rustichini can help us understand why

Paving the Way

By Douglas Clement

After teaching at the nation's most elite schools , Professor Pat Bajari has come back home

Letter from the Chair

By Narayana Kocherlakota

It' been an exciting and busy year for our department

Finding The Words

Gail BeckerAs she finds her way back from a stroke, Gail Becker is relearning how to talk.
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Incentives For Giving

Colleen DonahuePrivate gifts support cutting-edge research and enable the department to recruit the very best students, both graduate and undergraduate. Just as today’s research benefits future generations, today’s students will be tomorrow’s scholars and practitioners.
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A Career For The Common Good

Charles E. SpeaksCharles (Chuck) Speaks was mowing the lawn at this Houston home on Thanksgiving weekend in 1967 when he made a decision that would shape his future. “I want to teach," he thought. “I won’t know if I don’t try."
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Taking The Higher Ed Road

Rachel KingFor Rachel King and Native American Youths, higher education is the surest route to the future.
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Bridging Languages, Bridging Cultures

Pui-Fong KanPh.D candidate Pui-Fong Kan studies the relationship between language acquisition and culture.
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Letter from the Chair

Jennifer WindsorWith your financial support, we have been able to make a tangible difference for students: to help them pay tuition, buy books, attend professional conferences, take part in teaching workshops, and carry out research projects— all things that we could not do without you.
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