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Alumni Notes

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Student Update

SJMC's students continue to win awards, grants, honors, and recognition for their work.

Faculty Update

Minnesota Daily Update

As the Daily prepares to move locations, the paper's 2005-06 leaders prepare for life after the Daily and look back over the year's challenges and accomplishments.

INMS Update: Reaching Around the Globe

By Karen Kloser

Institute for New Media Studies director Nora Paul puts the U on the media world map with lectures in Mexico City, Caracas, New Delhi, and Chandigarh for the World Press Institute.

Silha Center Update

By Elaine Hargrove and Penelope Sheets

The Silha Center's two Spring Forums examine media objectivity and e-mail privacy

Minnesota Journalism Center Update

By Rachel Johnson

The MJC's annual Premack Awards and Lecture celebrated Minnesota public affairs journalism and examined the media's coverage of Hurricane Katrina with guest speaker Michele Norris.

Spring Celebration 2006

By Ami Berger

The SJMC celebrates its scholars, donors, alumni, and 2006 graduates at a festive--and crowded!--Spring Celebration at McNamara Alumni Center.

Making News Across the Globe

By Ami Berger

The SJMC partners with the U.S. State Department on a new program to promote international understanding among journalists.

The Next Generation of Scholars

By Ami Berger

Graduate students in the SJMC's M.A. and Ph.D. programs are producing cutting-edge research on many of today's hot-button issues. They're also preparing to be leaders of the next generation of mass communication scholars.

Lessons from the Past: Historical Research

By Ami Berger

For three SJMC faculty, history helps define the future of mass communication

Powerful Women, Powerful Messages

By Pamela Hill Nettleton

These three SJMC alumnae are making their mark on the strategic communictions industry--from the corner office.

By Ami Berger

SJMC’s award-winning student organizations are classrooms of their own, giving students a chance to learn from industry professionals and from each other.

Letter from the Director

By Albert R. Tims

Beyond Blue Eyes

ZagarMonika_sm.jpgAsk the average American what Scandinavians look like, and you're bound to get an answer like this: "Tall, blond, blue eyes." But ask associate professor Monika Žagar that question, and she'll tell you a more complicated story. Continue Reading...

Reflect, Detour, Find a Mentor

Portrait: Mary Finn ShapiroBy Mary Schafer

Alumna Mary Finn Shapiro’s Path Winds around her Humanities Background Continue reading…

Alumni Notes

Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Student Update

SJMC's students continue to win awards, grants, honors, and recognition for their work.

Faculty Update

Minnesota Daily Update

The Daily had a busy first semester, covering big news on campus (the University's new stadium) and off campus (the 2006 elections). The Office of the Publisher-- editor-in-chief Anna Weggel, business manager Scott Sailer, and administrative director Anna Leisa Sauser, also have big plans for the rest of their tenure, including expanding the Daily's web presence, updating the paper's technology, and fostering diversity.

INMS Update

The Institute for New Media Studies launches the year with a U-wide conference and the second phase of the Digital Storytelling Effects Lab.

Silha Center Update

Geoffrey Stone delivers 21st annual Silha Lecture: "The Freedom of the Press versus The National Security"

Minnesota Journalism Center Update

The Minnesota Journalism Center's outreach efforts took on some new dimensions this year, with programming for business journalists food writers, and the Korean Press Foundation.

Leading the Pack

By Ami Berger

The discipline of mass communication is evolving at light-speed, and graduates of the SJMC's doctoral program are leading that evolution.

By Ami Berger

Learning From the Pros: SJMC's Adjunct Instructors

By Ami Berger

Letter from the Director

By Albert R. Tims

By Ami Berger

The Lingering Effects of War

By John Kinder

How do wounded soldiers shape Americans’ views of their nation and themselves?

Reclaiming History

A model of the engaged scholar, Brenda Child works to expand the meaning of historic preservation in Minnesota.

Picturing America

By Kate Tyler

Studying a century of American moviemaking, Lary May probes the links between pop culture and national politics.

Historical Narrative

By Tiya Miles

How does an American studies scholar come to write an historical novel about an Afro-Cherokee family?

Happy to be Here

One tends toward land, one toward sea. Meet our two newest faculty members.

Giving Back

Your Support Opens Doors for CSCL students

All in a Day's Work

By Kate Tyler

Jennifer Pierce ventures directly into the workplace to explore intriguing puzzles about in equality.

Guiding and Inspiring

Q&A with CSCL’S new undergraduate adviser, Jules Darg

Leaving the Comfort Zone

By Linda Shapiro

Undergraduate Scott Artley immerses himself in all CSCL has to offer

The Poetics of Cinema

By Linda Shapiro
Photo by Richard Anderson

Filmmaker Hisham Bizri turns everyday life into visual poetry with an emotional pulse.

Expanding Horizons

By Gayla Marty

New regents professor explores how music and art shape society and why they matter

Work is Play is Culture is Text...

By Linda Shapiro

Professor Robin Brown asks, “What questions aren’t you asking?"

Cultural Borderlands

By Emily Sohn

Through their research, teaching, and writing, CSCL Ph.D.s are transforming the society in which we live-locally, nationally, and globally

From the Chair

News from the Chair

Message from the Chair

The Last Word

A Community Of Giving


Moira McDonald studies the collateral damage of federal environmental policy

Alumni Voices

The Road To Geography

Making Sense of the Census

Unlocking the potential of two centuries of data collection

The Lukermann Legacy

Fred Lukermann influence on record

Map Quest

Lance Kollman prepares for a future in urban planning

The Giving Trees

Physical geographers like Susy Ziegler are helping Minnesotans make wise decisions

Topical Geography

Steven Manson examines the earth's skin to discover what's not skin deep

The Layered World

Vinay Gidwani studies the underside of globalization

Greater than the Sum

For 36 years, John Adams has been asking his students to think big

Getting to the Source of the Matter

Portrait: Nina Peterson-Perlman. For her French studies research thesis, undergraduate Nina Peterson-Perlman explored the nature of French journalism.
Continue reading…

Cross Pollination

By Tim Cronin

French as a Second Language

By Margot Wagner

Truth Telling

By Lisa Lillie

Mind Travel

Undergraduate research opportunities take students to new places

Reimagining Community

By Joseph Bauerkemper

In American Indian literatures, Joseph Bauerkemper finds new images of nationhood.

Natives, Migrants, and the Making of Minnesota

By Kate Tyler

The department’s revamped American diversity course helps undergrads see the changing face of Minnesota.

Global Movements

By Kate Tyler

Partnering with Mayan migrants on the Yucatán Peninsula, Bianet Castellanos probes the implications of the new global economy.

Finding Meaning in the Classroom

By Jim Curran

Jim Curran left a budding business career to become a schoolteacher

Confronting History in Africa

By Karen Murphy

In the aftermath of genocide in Rwanda, Karen Murphy helps teachers and students move forward by understanding the past.

I See but Cannot Hear the Wind

By Edén Torres

‘Shameless outlaw’ Edén Torres reflects on the view from a campus window.



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