Development Update

By Mary Hicks

Mary HicksThe fall semester has now ended, and you know what that means--midnight oil burnt throughout Murphy Hall. At all times of day (but especially during the wee hours), students were putting the finishing touches on group projects, squeezing out the last few lines of final papers, text-messaging classmates and professors, and glancing through their notes one last time before final exams. Of course, that's between class hours and other commitments, such as internships.

Our SJMC students are an ambitious and talented bunch. I've had the great pleasure of meeting a number of those students this past semester, and as I always knew, they're smart, committed, hardworking, and excited about their futures. They're also clear-headed about what it takes to succeed in the competitive fields of professional journalism and strategic communication. That's why many of them have taken on internships, an invaluable way to gain on-the-ground experience--and, of course, to build their resumes as well.

Besides the consistently high caliber of our students, there's a lot more to be thankful for this fall in the SJMC. The awards and accolades just keep pouring in for our wonderful faculty. This year's incoming class is among the best qualified ever admitted to the school. And the enormous amount of work done by faculty and staff in preparing for the SJMC's five-year accreditation has paid off handsomely. Preliminary returns indicate overwhelmingly positive reviews from the site team's visit. In short, the SJMC is flourishing.

We have you to thank for much of this good news, and we're grateful for your ongoing involvement and support. By giving to the SJMC, you're helping to grow the next generation of journalists and communicators. I'm always so inspired to see our alumni eagerly reaching out to help talented young people rise to the challenges of the ever-changing and highly competitive world of the professional communications industries.

I hope you'll consider celebrating your relationship with the SJMC by establishing a scholarship in your name or in honor of someone you admire. There truly is no better tribute to what the School means to you than a fund supporting future generations of students who will build on your legacy.

Thank you for being such a vital part of the SJMC. We wouldn't be where we are without you.

With gratitude,

Mary Hicks
Director of External Relations
College of Liberal Arts
(612) 625-5031



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