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Ami Berger, SJMC communications manager and editor of The Murphy Reporter, won an award for excellence in writing from the University's Communicators Forum, which sponsors the annual Maroon and Gold Awards for Communications Excellence. Berger won the "Maroon" award in the writing category for "Playing to Learn: Neverwinter Nights in the Classroom," a feature story about adapting computer games for the classroom that appeared in the Winer 2005/06 issue of The Murphy Reporter.

Kathy Roberts FordeProfessor Kathy Roberts Forde is the winner of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's 2006 Nafziger-White Dissertation Award, which honors the most outstanding dissertation in the field during the year. AEJMC's Standing Committee for Research reports that it had a record number of nominations spanning the wide range of topical, methodological, and theoretical approaches to mediated communication research. The committee reported being in "awe" of the quality of the many dissertations submitted, and noted that Forde's made the most significant new contribution to the field and had the best potential for publication.

Forde also received a University of Minnesota McKnight Summer Research Fellowship for her project "The 'Wayward Press' and the Public Sphere: Toward a Theory of Press Criticism."

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has named SJMC adjunct instructor Matt Kucharski as one of its 2006 "Forty Under 40" award winners. The award honors 40 Twin Cities professionals under 40 years old for their business accomplishments and community contributions. This year's winners were featured in a special insert in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's May 12 print issue. Kucharski, who teaches public relations in the SJMC, is a senior vice president at the PR firm Padilla Speer Beardsley.

The Institute for New Media Studies received a grant of $31,457 from the University of Minnesota's Digital Technology Center for a project titled: "Digital Story Effects Lab: Research into the Effects of Alternative Digital Story Designs on News Audiences" The INMS will work with the online team at the Star Tribune, University design professor Sauman Chu, and University of North Carolina multimedia design professor Laura Ruel. INMS director Nora Paul hopes this research "will be a foundation for better understanding of the impact that story design has on the news audience and will provide guidance to the news industry and other online message makers."

Dona SchwartzProfessor Dona Schwartz won the 2006 Griffin Award for the photograph "Lip Gloss," her entry in The Griffin Museum of Photography's 12th Annual Juried show. The photo is part of Schwartz's "In the Kitchen" series, which is currently on exhibit at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Blue Sky is a non-profit space dedicated to educating the public about photography; Professor Schwartz gave an artist's lecture at Blue Sky on May 5th. "In the Kitchen" was also featured in the inaugural issue of Magenta Magazine, a new joint endeavor of the Toronto Globe and Mail and the Magenta Foundation. The magazine was distributed to 100,000 Globe and Mail readers.

Brian SouthwellProfessor Brian Southwell has won the College of Liberal Arts' Arthur "Red" Motely Exemplary Teaching Award for 2005-06. The award recognizes members of the CLA faculty who inspire and motivate their students, who create an active learning environment where students are eager to learn, who enthusiastically devote time to advising their students, and who care about their students' lives, well being, and education. The Motley award is based on student nominations and recognizes "distinguished and dedicated teachers."

Publications and Research

Professor Ken Doyle has accepted an invitation to work on the Association for Consumer Research's Transformative Consumer Research initiative. Along with ACR president David Mick, Doyle will be co-editing the project's portion of the ACR website.

Professor John Eighmey and Ph.D. students Sela Sar and George Anhelcev presented their paper entitled "Brand Zealotry: What Is It, And Who Are The Zealots?" at the 2006 American Academy of Advertising's annual conference in Reno, Nevada, in March.

SJMC professor emeritus Irving Fang is the author of a 11-book series entitled The Story of Communication. Each title covers a component of communication, including Writing, Printing, Recording, Mail, Photography, Movies, Radio, Television, Computers, Telephone, and Internet. All are intended for middle and high school age readers. The series is published by a small firm founded by Fang, his daughter, and his son-in-law. Professor Fang has also just published a journal article entitled "The Role of Communication in the Clash of Cultures," which may be of some interest in the light of the demonstrations over the Danish cartoons. Fang hopes to update the article as a chapter in a college-level text he is writing on societal effects across the history of communication.

Professor Kathleen Hansen gave a lecture on her "Neverwinter Nights" project at a conference at St. Cloud State University on April 7. Joining Hansen was Matt Taylor, a colleague from Dunwoody University who assisted Hansen and INMS director Nora Paul in modifying the game for use in the classroom.

Jisu HuhProfessor Jisu Huh's paper "Perceived Third-Person Effects, Age Differences, and Other Moderating Factors of Consumer Support for Prior Approval of DTC Ads and a DTC Advertising Ban" is published in the spring 2006 issue of Journal of Consumer Affairs. Huh co-authored the paper with Denise DeLorme, and Leonard N. Reid. Huh also presented two papers at the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Conference, held in Reno March 30-April 1.

Chris IsonVisiting associate professor Chris Ison gave a number of presentations in February 2006, including"Giving Power to the People: The Role of the Free Press in the United States" to the Humphrey Institute Fellows. Ison also was the moderator for "The Source Course," a panel discussion on journalistic ethics sponsored by the SJMC's student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and was a panelist for a discussion sponsored by the Al-Madinah Cultural Center to discuss the publishing of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Ison's article on open records law violations in Minnesota was published in March by the Minnesota Newspaper Association as part of its observance of national Sunshine Week, which recognizes the importance of public access to government information. Ison also gave the opening address and participated in two panel discussions at the Society of Professional Journalists' First Amendment Forum at St. Cloud State University on March 24. His address was entitled "Getting the Goods: Six Rules For Using Public Records Law To Get Good Stories."

Jane KirtleyProfessor Jane Kirtley delivered a number of lectures in March and April, including the keynote address at the 29th Annual Law Review Symposium at Ohio Northern University College of Law on March 24; a lecture on media law and ethics at the Minneapolis branch of the American Association of University Women on April 10; and a lecture about the Justice Department's new task force to prosecute obscenity at William Mitchell College of Law on April 10.

Kirtley also moderated a panel on "Fabrication and Plagiarism," on April 4, 2006 at a conference at Middle Tennessee State University, and was one of two speakers at the opening session at the National Freedom of Information Coalition's 2006 conference in Indianapolis on April 22. Kirtley was a panelist at the 4th annual Gary Klott Ethics Symposium at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) annual conference in Minneapolis on April 30.

An article by Leyla Kokman, lecturer and coordinator of the SJMC's Health Journalism M.A. program, is in the March issue of Minnesota Monthly. The story reported on women and clinical trials of new drugs.

Institute for NAugust 29, 2006panel about games and education for the Minnesota chapter of the International Game Developers Association in February. Paul also spent time in Caracas, Venezuela February 16-17 for two day-long workshops sponsored by the World Press Institute. The workshops, which focused on Internet research, advanced searching, and professional networking for journalists, were held at La Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. The workshop attendees were professional journalists from print, broadcast and online organizations, as well as a few journalism students from the University.

Adjunct instructor Jim Pounds published an article in the April issue of Marketing News regarding local marketing to GLBT consumers.

Professor Gary Schwitzer, in collaboration with the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making (FIMDM), launched HealthNewsReview.org on April 17. The web site is the first U.S. online service expressly designed for journalists and consumers who want reliable, unbiased analysis and evaluation of healthcare news articles that make claims about treatments and procedures. The launch was covered in several news outlets, including Genetic Engineering News and the Kaiser Network's web site. "HealthNewsReview.org could help make all of us smarter consumers of news and healthcare by making us think more critically," said Schwitzer. In the site's first six weeks online, it received 3.2 million hits by 44,000 individual users, over 1000 of whom registered with the site.

Marco YzerThe work of SJMC professors Brian Southwell and Marco Yzer on the role of conversation in media campaign effects has resulted in a special issue of the journal Communication Theory on "Conversation and Campaigns." Southwell and Yzer will edit the issue, which will be published in late 2008 or early 2009. The pair's research in this area is also reflected in a chapter co-authored by the pair, entitled "The Role of Conversation in Mass Media Campaigns," which will appear in Communication Yearbook in 2007.

Visiting professor Thom Swiss gave a number of invited lectures at the National Institute Of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, including "Writing, New Media, and Postmodern Culture" in January. An invited article by Swiss is featured in the February issue of Speakeasy, a national magazine published by the Loft Literary Center. The article, entitled "Writing in New Media," was co-authored by U of M professor of English Maria Damon.

Assistant professor Marco Yzer presented a paper at a symposium in honor of Martin Fishbein, a social psychologist who is chair of the health communication group at the Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Yzer also spoke on the role that behavioral theory can play in media-based public education at two Sea Grant conferences: the first in Puerto Rico in May; and the second in Michigan in June. The Sea Grant programs mission is to provide accurate, science-based information that people can use to make prudent decisions that will contribute to the stewardship of America's marine, estuarine, and Great Lakes resources. Yzer received a University of Minnesota Faculty Summer Research Fellowships (FSR) for the summer of 2006 to support his project "A multi-construct, multi-behavior analysis of health control perceptions."

New Arrivals

Mark PedeltyWe are pleased to welcome two exceptional scholars and teachers to our faculty in fall 2006.Professor Mark Pedelty brings the perspective of a cultural anthropologist to the study of media. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and is the author of War Stories: The Culture of Foreign Correspondents. Professor Pedelty will teach courses in mass media and popular culture, and will pursue research interests in media, music, and pedagogy in the U.S. and Latin America.

Michael StammMichael Stamm completed his Ph.D. in history at the University of Chicago in the spring of 2006. His dissertation was entitled "Mixed Media: Newspaper Ownership of Radio Stations and the Reorientation of American Culture, 1920-1950." Professor Stamm will teach courses in journalism and media history.



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