INMS Update: Reaching Around the Globe

By Karen Kloser

Institute for New Media Studies director Nora Paul puts the U on the media world map with lectures in Mexico City, Caracas, New Delhi, and Chandigarh for the World Press Institute.

Nora Paul
The World Press Institute called on Nora Paul to take the lectures she gives to the Transparency Reporting fellows who come to Minneapolis each year back to their home countries. Paul lectured in Mexico City at the Universidad Iberoamerican in December 2005, in Caracas, Venezuela at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello this past February, and in India at the Fortune Institute of Communication and Television in New Delhi and at Panjab University in Chandigarh in May.

Paul’s lectures focused on computer assisted reporting, with an emphasis on strategies for approaching research tasks based on the textbook, Behind the Message: Information Strategies for Communicators, which she co-wrote with SJMC professor Kathleen A. Hansen. Her February presentation in Caracas led to a return lecture invite in May for health journalists in Venezuela in a program sponsored by Pfizer Pharmeceuticals.

Nora Paul receives Joseph F. Kwapil Award

Nora Paul received the Joseph F. Kwapil Award at the Special Library Association News Division annual conference in June in Baltimore. This award, the highest recognition of the Division, is given for major achievement in the field of news librarianship and outstanding service to the News Division. This section of the international Special Libraries Association focuses on librarians and libraries dealing with news media in print, broadcast and nontraditional news settings. Paul holds a masters’ degree in library science from Texas Women’s University.

DiSEL: Digital Storytelling Effects Lab to collaborate with Star Tribune on efficacy of online news story forms

The INMS received a $31,000 grant from the University of Minnesota’s Digital Technology Center to continue its work with eyetracking studies, which test how users view information on the world wide web. Nora Paul will work with the Star Tribune and faculty from the University’s department of Design, Housing, and Apparel to develop and test prototypes of digital story forms.

The team will identify online story forms of the greatest interest to the news industry and design different permutations of these story forms. In collaboration with the University of North Carolina, INMS will then test these different forms using the three-pronged research methods already developed in the Digital Story Effects Lab project. The Star Tribune online team will then help translate the findings into an online design practice. Paul hopes this will be a foundation for better understanding of the impact that story design has on the news audience and will provide guidance to the news industry and other online message makers.



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