Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

CedarRiverside200x150.jpgStudents of the Children’s Home Society & Family Services’ Cedar-Riverside Youth group saw their neighborhood in a different way this summer through a weeklong camp provided by the Department of Art. By Anise McDowell

Through sculpting, printmaking, drawing, and painting they explored the Cedar-Riverside community located on the west bank of the Mississippi River near the University of Minnesota West Bank Arts Quarter.

Instructors Laura Corcoran, Anna Metcalfe and Toby Sisson guided their work during the camp. After a brainstorming session about what makes up their neighborhood, the students used different methods to depict its features, including the Mississippi river, theaters, stores, playgrounds, apartment buildings, a community center, and mosques. Students learned printmaking techniques, used Japanese Sumi paint and paintbrushes to fill a twenty-five foot scroll, and sculpted, glazed, and fired a clay neighborhood.

The two groups of 20 students participated in other campus activities, including a presentation by
Physics Force, a visit to the music department’s electronic music lab, the climbing wall at the Rec Center, and lots of outdoor fun and games.

At the end of the week the class held an open house at the Riverside Plaza apartments to display the student’s work for family and friends.

The program introduces early college awareness, enhances students’ knowledge of art, and increases their physical fitness through sports and games. Begun by art department chair Clarence Morgan, the program will have a fall and spring session at the Riverside Plaza apartments.

This summer camp is a collaboration of The College of Liberal Arts’ art department, CLA Connections, University Rec Youth Sports, Children’s Home Society and Family Services, and the Cedar Riverside Youth Programs. The University of Minnesota Bookstore, Continental Clay, and Wet Paint Art donated most of the art supplies.

The program is for students enrolled in the after-school program through the Children’s Home Society and Family Services’ Cedar-Riverside Youth Program.



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