Colloquia Series

Speakers to the 2007–2008 colloquia series were asked to respond to the broad thematic call of the notion “creativity."

The broadness was intended to productively bring different subfields of anthropology into composition with each other under a common, if unforeseen, intellectual horizon. The results themselves proved refreshingly “creative" as speakers brought disparate areas of thinking rigorously into counterintuitive
coherences under the imperative of the theme.

This year’s colloquia speakers were:

John Mitani, Department of Anthropology,
University of Michigan
“Cooperation in Wild Chimpanzees"

Smadar Lavie, International Studies,
Macalester College
“Translation and the Predicament of Transversal Anthropology"

Diane Nelson, Cultural Anthropology,
Duke University
“Who counts? Reckoning the After/Math of War in Guatemala"

Clifford Jolly, Department of Anthropology,
New York University
“Hybrid Monkeys and Human Evolution"



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