Q&A Peter Harle: Undergraduate Advisor

We sat down with Peter Harle, the Department of Anthropology’s undergraduate adviser, to learn more about the undergraduate program, resources available to students, and a little about the man behind-the-scenes.

What draws undergraduates to anthropology?
All sorts of things attract students to anthropology—a good course, word of mouth, our undergraduate office’s decorations, an open event, even a television show or movie (usually inaccurate in that case, but still interesting enough to spark someone’s curiosity).

What does the Department of Anthropology offer to undergraduates?
The department offers undergraduates many opportunities to get directly involved in the life of the discipline. We offer lab internships and field schools, we try to help students study abroad, and we encourage undergraduates, faculty, and graduate students to get to know each other. We also have an
amazing undergraduate club, and a fun, well-used student lounge, located in 385 HHH.

What can you do for an undergraduate looking to declare a major or minor?
I can help students better understand what anthropologists do, and what skills they might develop to use after they graduate. I am typically around five days a week to sign folks up for the major or minor, help them understand the requirements, and work with them as they look for appropriate courses and
out-of-class opportunities.

Who do you work with in the department to help undergraduates?
I work with David Lipset, our Director of Undergraduate Studies. He evaluates transfer and study abroad classes, advises honors students in the department, and he and I work closely together on the undergraduate curriculum. William Beeman, our chair, also does everything he can to ensure that the department supports and encourages our undergraduates. Tell us what you enjoy most about working as the undergraduate adviser. The students and faculty constantly challenge, enlighten, and entertain me. I feel lucky to work with such an amazing group of people.



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