Remembering Marvin Dunnette

Marvin Dunnette, 80, a professor emeritus of Psychology at the University of Minnesota died September 18, 2007, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Marv played many key roles in transforming industrial and organizational psychology from its empiricist and technological origins into its present status as a model of science and practice.

Throughout his working life, he blended science and practice, mentorship and entrepreneurship, research and consulting, academia and industry, always publishing. He helped his students and colleagues, indeed the entire field, to think about issues in different and testable ways.

He started his career in industry working for 3M Company. He left 3M in 1960 to become an Associate Professor of Psychology with tenure at the University of Minnesota.

He founded Personnel Decisions International (PDI), a management consulting firm in 1967. In 1975 he and two colleagues, Walter Borman and Leaetta Hough, founded Personnel Decisions Research Institute (PDRI). The Research Institute does behavioral science research in areas related to improved and more productive utilization of human resources.

Marv was most proud of his contributions to the lives of his students, 62 of whom received doctorates in psychology under his mentorship.

His wife Leaetta, daughters Alex, Peggy, and Sheri, and three grandchildren survive him.



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