Undergraduate Student Profiles: Chris Winger

Chris Winger undertook a project to conserve, document, and research a collection of about thirty iron artifacts held by the department. The collection consists of swords, spear points, belt fittings, and other utilitarian objects. The department acquired these artifacts in the early 1930s through an expedition conducted by Professor Albert Jenks. The artifacts were inadequately documented by Jenks and sat in
storage for over seventy years in a very poor state of conservation. In 2006, the artifacts were brought out of storage and Winger began a project to properly conserve and catalog these objects.

The first and most important undertaking was to conserve and catalog the artifacts. They were entered into the accession catalog, documented, photographed, and placed in specially constructed trays. This effectively preserved the physical state of the artifacts as well as all the information associated with them, ensuring access for future researchers. Through research into their origins, Winger determined that
one set of objects is likely from the La Tène culture of late antiquity and dated from the 5th–1st centuries BCE. The other objects are likely from the early medieval period, dating to the 6th–8th centuries CE. All of the artifacts were produced in eastern France or western Germany.



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