December 2008 Archives

Space Age Digs

Professor Fred Cooper and his team of students use the newest technology to unearth the past. Continue reading…

Berlin and the Perimeters of Jewish Geography

By Leslie Morris

Colonial Fantasies, Imperialist Thinking

By Nicole Grewling

The Adventurer

Beth Uding Seizes Opportunities
by Andi McDaniel

What Can We Learn from History?

by Andi McDaniel

Collaboration without Borders

By James Pasternak

Going off the Beaten Path

A little Norwegian can make a big difference. Just ask Jonathon Rusch.

Embracing the Mud and Dust of (Hi)stories

by Monika Moyrer on Mülleresque Realizations

Persuasive Economics

Economics professor Itai Sher links game theory and communication

CIS: The Next Generation

By Ginny Steinhagen

The long run

by Anne Krueger
Remembering the legacy of Jim Simler : 1921-2008



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