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A Tale of Two Continents

Life in France is irresistible to alumna Ruth Redhead
By Linda Shapiro

The Locaveur

Alumna Lucia Watson finds communities of local-food lovers at home and in France
By Kelly O’Brien

Finding the Third Space

Grad student Vlad Dima makes connections between French and African cinema
By Vlad Dima, Ph.D. candidate

Staging Chaos

African francophone theater fascinates grad student Sylvie Ngilla
By Sylvie Ngilla, Ph.D. candidate

Not Lost in Translation: French in the New World

Nota Bene

Looking for something to read or watch about France, French-speaking countries, or Italy? Note well this cultural cornucopia.

What's Old is New

Professor Susan Noakes finds connections between the Middle Ages and today
By Linda Shapiro

Florence in the Springtime

A new May term course in Italy immerses students in la dolce vita
By Kelly O'Brien

Crossing Over

Hakim Abderrezak follows the twists and turns of the North African migration story
by Danny LaChance

Place Setting

In France, politeness is staging a comeback.

Finding My Way

By Ted Meinhover (B.A. ’07)
An alumnus credits global studies for his wanderlust and commitment to social justice

Student Activism Without Borders

By Claire Leslie
Global studies students raise funds for an orphanage in Honduras.

Inspiring Each Other

“Where could I be in 5 years?" Last fall the Communication Studies Association (CSA) student organization held an alumni panel event to help communication majors explore this question.

It's a Not-So-Small World

By Danny LaChance
The Institute for Global Studies helps educators create globally-aware classrooms

The Making of Global Cities

By Michael Goldman, professor of Global Studies and Sociology
Faculty members, with colleagues from around the world, study cities of the global South in new ways



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