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Development Update

You can be proud that your gifts made possible more than $335,000 in awards to undergraduate and graduate students benefiting nearly 100 students. And SJMC faculty received approximately $200,000 to support their research and teaching.

Student Update

Faculty Update

INMS Update: Current Research and Initiatives

By Nora Paul and Karen Kloser

Silha Center Update

By Sara Cannon

Minnesota Journalism Center Update

Minnesota's premier public affairs award competition expanded to include electronic and new media journalism.

By Jen Keavy

The Minnesota Daily

New leadership takes helm at the Daily.

Spring Celebration 2008

Scholarship winners were all smiles after being acknowledged on the Memorial Hall stage at McNamara Alumni Center.

By Jen Keavy

SJMC alumni receive University awards

College of Liberal Arts honors former SJMC students with Alumni of Notable Achievement Award.

By Jen Keavy

Upcoming SJMC Events

Forum to address freedom of the press and the state of journalism.

Watch the Minnesota Journalism Center Web site,, for updates on the symposium.

Libraries are dusty old places with nothing but books.

By Jen Keavy

SJMC alumnus Tim Larson rises to the top at Jostens

Pride and tradition have never occupied quiet houses in the story of American life. You can find them in our national monuments and war memorials. They're engraved on the sides of our most treasured sports trophies. They dance in wedding photographs on the walls of our grandparents' homes. Few things seem more urgent than our desire to commemorate, to crease every page and mark each chapter in our collective national youth. Enter the yearbook.

by Erik Ernest Martz

Combining a student-centered philosophy with the resources of a major research university, the SJMC is working hard to give students opportunities not found elsewhere.

by Jen Keavy

He Wrote the Book

by Dave Mona

Remembering Mitch

Of all the nicknames and sobriquets that might be attached to Mitchell Charnley (and he hated labels), Mr. Accuracy would have been as apt as any other. It was his professional obsession that a writer's first job is to get the facts right.

by Phil Tichenor

Letter from the Director

In this issue of the Murphy Reporter, we've invited emeritus professor Phil Tichenor to reflect on the distinguished career and lasting legacy of professor Mitchell V. Charnley -- one of the nation's true pioneers in journalism education.

In Memoriam

Francis Loren “Gus” Cooper (B.A. ’41), a lifetime journalist and civic activist, died Dec. 15, 2007, in Dunedin, Fla. He was 88 years old. He attended the University of Minnesota from 1937 to 1941, and was a reporter/editor for The Minnesota Daily, later becoming managing editor during his senior year. After graduating, he was a reporter for the Rochester (Minn.) Post-Bulletin. Cooper was a World War II and Koren conflict veteran and served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve for nearly 40 years.

SJMC alumni snag several awards at Emmys

Alumni Notes

By Eva Widder

Development Update

Our goal is to raise an additional $200,000 over the next 12 months.
You can play an important part in helping us reach this goal!

SJMC Students Travel to U.K. for Global Seminar

Student Update


By Nora Paul

By Patrick File

IRE Better Watchdog Workshop

Supply, Demand and Deadlines

Conference explores the economics of aging.

By Rachel Johnson

Award-winning NSAC team is the talk of the nation

Supporting the next generation

Minnesota Daily Alumni Association Update

By Eva Widder

Daily life at The Minnesota Daily

Two underreported facts about the relationship between Morocco and the United States are the following, according to Mohamed Benaissa: "Morocco was the first country in 1777 to recognize the United States as an independent nation. The first treaty that the new American republic entered into was with Morocco, in 1787." This friendship treaty has never been broken.

By Nahid Khan

By Jen Keavy

By Jen Keavy

A Stranglehold on History

Alumnus Thomas DeFrank upsets the Conventional Wisdom on Gerald Ford

By Neal Karlen

Transforming Minnesota and the world

The University of Minnesota is boldly moving forward with its goal to become one of the world's top three public research universities within the next decade--an institution with "a deep and abiding cultural commitment to excellence" in education and in the advancement of knowledge for the public good, as University president Robert Bruininks said in his 2007 State of the University address. Through its pioneering communications research, the SJMC is right in step with these strategic aspirations.

By Jen Keavy

Letter From the Director

"We've embraced the aspirations of the University of Minnesota to emerge over the coming decade as one of the top three public research universities in the world by providing world class support for faculty and graduate student research."

A Conversation with James Parente

by Kate Tyler

Gift for Language

Poet, scholar, pedagogical innovator, multitasker—Charlotte Melin has found her niche as head of GSD’s language programs.

Home Movies

Reading 20th-century German cultural history through cinema, Rick McCormick finds that all roads lead to the Weimar Republic.

Finding Normal

Sara Vogt has used her B.A. degree in German as a passport to advance work in disability studies.

Questions for Jenneke Oosterhoff, diva of Dutch

Jenneke Oosterhoff
Faculty Profile

Getting the Picture

For newly hired theorist and critic Rembert Hueser, it’s all about the frame.

A Conversation with Frank Hirschbach

Frank Hirschbach
Faculty Profile

World Famous in Iceland

Kaaren Grimstad
Faculty Profile

Having a Field Day

GSD’s College in the Schools program is a bridge linking Folwell Hall and high school German classes across Minnesota.

A Conversation: Jochen Schulte-Sasse

Jochen Schulte-Sasse
Faculty Profile

Lost in Translation

Looking for telling echoes in poems and memoirs, Leslie Morris explores the making of cultural memory, diasporic identity, and history itself.

Questions for Dan Karvonen, Finnish instructor

Dan Karvonen
Faculty Profile

Me & Faust or, Buying into Manto

Ruth-Ellen Boetcher Joeres Faculty Profile

Life Stories

Jack Zipes Faculty Profiles

The Politics of Literature

Monika Zagar Faculty Profile

A Conversation with Gerhard Weiss

Gerhard Weiss
Faculty Profile

Happy 80th Birthday

Frank Hirschbach turns 80

Notes from the Other Side

For Sonja Fritzsche—Ph.D. Grad, German cultural critic, and aspiring academic—sci-fi has been just the ticket

Danish Poetry

It’s Hereditary: the Poetry of Søren Ulrik Thomsen

By Kirk Allison



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