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Additional graduate student papers presented at the 2007 AEJMC Conference

“The Effects of Moods on Evaluations of Brand Extension Ads,” Brittany Duff and Sela Sar, Iowa State University

“Reply magnets and preferential attachment in online political discussions: A network analysis of six month of discussions in 20 political newsgroups,” Itai Himelboim, Danyel Fisher, Microsoft Research, Eric Gleave, University of Washington and Marc Smith, Microsoft Research

“Comments Discussion and the Public Sphere: A Case Study on Comments in Online News Site,” Yejin Hong

“The Role of Trust in Interactive Communication: Antecedents and Consequences of Website Trust,” Soyoen Cho and Jisu Huh

“Parsing out the players in the blogosphere: Developing a predictive model of blogging and blog readers,” Julie Jones and John Wirtz

“ ‘Why do you read blogs and update your facebook page so much?’: Using psychological variables to predict specific Internet behaviors,” John Wirtz and Julie Jones

“When Observation Isn’t Enough: An Experiment Exposing a Moderation Effect,” Vanessa Boudewyns, Ryan Paquin and Marco Yzer

“Do Media Vary in Humanness? An Attempt to Explicate and Measure the Concept of Media Humanness,” Hyung Min Lee, Kevin Wang and Brian Southwell

“Revisiting the Gap: A Meta-Analytic Review of Knowledge Gap Research,” Yoori Hwang and Se-Hoon Jeong, University of Pennsylvania

“The Internet and Democracy: A Critical Review of What We Know and How We Know,” Kevin Wang and Tsan-Kuo Chang

“Something Careless This Way Comes: Medical Error and Its Consequences (or Lack Thereof) on ER and Grey’s Anatomy,” and
“A Sign of Difference: Constructions of
Hearing Loss and Deafness on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” Katherine Foss

“Explosive Silences: Communist Newspaper Coverage of the 1986 Paris Bombings,” Kristi McKinney