Supply, Demand and Deadlines

Conference explores the economics of aging.


Art Rolnick, senior vice president and director of research for the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, speaks to journalists at the 2007 Supply, Demand and Deadlines conference.
Photo by Rachel Johnson

Last summer's Supply, Demand and Deadlines conference, a joint venture between the Minnesota Journalism Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, brought together leading economics and business journalists to discuss the economics of aging. The conference, held last June, kicked off with keynote speaker Terry Fitzgerald of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, who spoke on the decline of the middle class.

Eighteen journalists from around the country attended the conference to hear from leading economists and journalists who are experts at conveying difficult economic issues to the general public, including David Wessel, economics editor for The Wall Street Journal, Mike Meyers of the Star Tribune, Art Rolnick and Ellen McGrattan of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and Tom Stinson, Minnesota state economist. The conference also featured a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and a critique session by Meyers and Rolnick.

Participants came away from the conference with a greater understanding of how to incorporate economics into their writing in a meaningful way. Reporter Melinda Rogers, from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead in Fargo, N.D., and a University of Minnesota alumna, appreciated the opportunity for professional development. "As a new business reporter at Fargo's daily, this (conference) served as a fantastic learning opportunity to educate myself on economics concepts," she said.

An annual event, Supply, Demand and Deadlines aims to help journalists understand the economic aspects of the stories they cover as well as provide a basic introduction to economic thinking. Visit for information about the 2008 conference.



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