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New leadership takes helm at the Daily.

Vadim Lavrusik, John Scholz and Robin Perez.

The 2008-09 Minnesota Daily leadership, left to right: Vadim Lavrusik, John Scholz and Robin Perez.

Three new students are heading up The Daily for the paper's Office of the Publisher in 2008-09--editor-in-chief Vadim Lavrusik, business operations officer John Scholz and co-publisher for organizational development and communications Robin Perez. The new leaders look forward to the year and talk about their goals for the Daily.

Editorial Division

Vadim Lavrusik

The editorial division includes the people who write and edit stories, shoot videos and photos, and design and edit pages.

During the summer, the Daily worked to redesign its Web site and newspaper. To keep up with industry standards and serve our readers better, the Daily created a fresh, new navigation and design for the Web site. The new site allows readers to engage and interact with the content more freely and give their opinions through an improved commenting system. The site also includes new blogs to provide more thorough coverage of stories that may not have made it into the print version. In addition, the staff has increased Web updates, providing readers with previews of events and news as they happen. Online capabilities are the way of the future.

Also, our photographers have changed the way they present feature photos. Instead of a regular cutline to accompany a photo, photographers write an extended cutline. Many of the photo features are visual stories of events and happenings, providing readers with short bits of stories which increases our coverage and better utilize our photojournalists.

During the academic year, expect to see innovations and changes to the Web site and newspaper, as we continue our efforts to provide our readers with quality coverage of news surrounding the University community.

Business Division

John Scholz

Despite a tough economy, the business division of The Minnesota Daily is running as smoothly and efficiently as ever. To continually achieve a high level of performance, especially in tough times, we have to change and adapt to new corporate cultures and ideals. Together, the 45 students who make up our marketing, sales, finance, advertising, distribution and communications staff have dedicated themselves to excellence in this exploratory time for the newspaper and advertising industries. We are currently spending much time and effort on searching for new streams of revenue and new ways to attract more advertising dollars from both local and national outlets. It is very important for us to explore avenues that encompass our Web site as well as our print product.

We have also been working to build a higher profile on campus, and we were thrilled to participate in the orientation and Welcome Week activities during the summer. Our plan is to participate more in campus events and to increase awareness of the Daily by utilizing more effective promotions and advertisements.

We are constantly seeking to improve and grow as an organization and will gladly welcome any faculty or professional involvement. We are looking forward to a year full of twists, turns, positive changes and, most importantly, goal reaching and improved results.

Administrative Division

Robin Perez

The administrative division has been keeping busy with numerous projects. The online department has been working with all divisions and departments to create and redesign the Web site. Our information services department has been assisting the staff with the computer and phone problems that often arise. The information services department has also been focusing time on preparing the much needed computer server upgrade.

In addition to the information services and online departments, the administrative division includes human resources and survey research. Human resources took advantage of a smaller summer staff to implement and assess a new employee performance appraisal system. The new employee review will be varied for each position and specific to that position's responsibilities. Last but not least, survey research is preparing to conduct a focus group so that we can make sure we are doing our best to give our readers what they want.



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