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There Comes a Moment

African Baroque

Graduate student Isaac Joslin compares the real and the representative in postcolonial African literature and culture
By Isaac Joslin, Ph.D. candidate

Jordan Hart: Nursing and Finnish

Jennifer Decker: German Studies and Global Studies

Iman Hassan: German Studies and Global Studies

Kellie Holler: German and Dutch

Jonathan Rabb: German and Global Studies

Recently Awarded Ph.D.’s

Emeriti Faculty News

New Books by Faculty

Major Awards

An Interview with Sara Evans

Dear Friend of the Department of History,

Diane R. WaltersAs we began preparations for our campaign to fund an endowed chair in comparative women’s history, we spoke with Sara Evans, Regents Professor of History and first professor of women’s history at the U of M. Sara, a distinguished national leader in the field of women’s history, has been a crucial voice in changing the landscape for women at the U and in history books. An excerpt from our conversation appears on this page.

If you are as inspired as we are by Sara’s remarks and would like to contribute to or learn more about the Chair in Comparative Women’s History, please feel free to contact Eva Widder at 612-626-5146 or ewidder@umn.edu.

Best regards,
Diane R. Walters

In Memoriam

by Kate Tyler

Many Paths Taken: David Good

No one’s eyebrows shot up more than David Good’s when the University of Minnesota tapped him to direct its Center for Austrian Studies (CAS). With his dossier trumpeting an M.B.A. in finance as well as an interdisciplinary history Ph.D., Good believed he’d be an unlikely choice to helm a center devoted heavily to Austrian historical and cultural studies.

by Kate Tyler

New Faculty

Smart Skeptic: Mary McCarthy

From the aisles of a 747 to the halls of academia to the upper echelons of U.S. foreign policymaking, Mary O’Neil McCarthy has found many ways to live out her girlhood
desire to “see the world.”

by Kate Tyler

Connecting with History: R.J. Devick

Even in his office, RJ Devick’s bookshelf gives him away. Tucked among the financial planner’s many volumes on estate planning and tax strategies are books on the American Revolution and the Roaring Twenties, a photographic history of China, and biographies of historical figures ranging from Thomas Jefferson to Albert Einstein to Winston Churchill.

by Kate Tyler

The Politics of Taconite

Alumni Response

Twice the Investment

by Jessica Breed

All in the Family

To be Theofanis Stavrou’s student is to join the Stavrou family. Professor Stavrou makes his south Minneapolis home a biweekly classroom.

by Jessica Breed

Working in the Archives

by Tim Brady

Embarrassment of Riches

When she arrived at the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) as its new director in the fall of 2005, Donna Gabaccia felt a little overwhelmed by the riches that greeted her. But true to form, she was energized by what she found.

by Tim Brady

Builder and Innovator: Jean O'Brien

Jean O’Brien vividly remembers the moment she decided to become a historian. It was in the early 1970s, and O’Brien, then a young teenager, learned that the University of Minnesota had established the first-ever academic program in American Indian studies.

by Kate Tyler

View from the Chair

Greetings! As I reflect back on my first year leading the Department of History, my strongest impression is of the extraordinary breadth and quality of our faculty. Their research interests take in virtually every continent of the globe and every time period; they explore political and economic developments, patterns of racial, gender, and class formations, the relationships among diverse communities, religious practices, and much else.



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